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Crossword Answers: Gp.-that-funds-psychiatric-drug-testing
NIMHGp. that funds psychiatric drug testing
ROTCGp. that drills
ASPCAOrg. that funds shelters
AMPASGp. that awards the Oscars
GOPGp. that an elephant never forgets?
PTAGp. that might support summer reading
FICAKind of tax that funds Soc. Sec.
NSCGp. that meets in the Situation Room
NBAGp. that hands out fines for "flopping"
HMOGp. that will be affected by the ACA
NASAGp. that gave Tang sales a boost
PLOGp. that originated at 1964's Arab League summit
OSS'40s gp. that trained at Congressional Country Club
SSAGp. that has issued more than 420 million IDs
NATOGp. that held a summit in Chicago in May of 2012
FUNNYFARMPsychiatric hospital
LOONYBINPsychiatric hospital
MENTALHOSPITALPsychiatric hospital
NUTHOUSEPsychiatric hospital
SANITARIAPsychiatric hospitals
DEMENTIAPsychiatric problem
LDOPA"Awakenings" drug
NORMALBEHAVIORSThey don't require psychiatric help
NOWGp. that supported the 31-Across Amendment
SOMA"Brave New World" drug

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