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Crossword Answers: Gp.-that-funds-psychiatric-drug-testing
NIMHGp. that funds psychiatric drug testing
RANDOMLike some drug testing
ASPCAOrg. that funds shelters
FICAKind of tax that funds Soc. Sec.
TSAGp. that checks bags
ELOGp. that hired an orchestra for its "Eldorado" album
USAFGp. that runs the Thunderbirds
UNESCOGp. that designates World Heritage Sites
HUACCold War gp. that had witnesses naming names
NSCGp. that meets in the Situation Room
NBAGp. that hands out fines for "flopping"
HMOGp. that will be affected by the ACA
NASAGp. that gave Tang sales a boost
AMPASGp. that awards the Oscars
ROTCGp. that drills
GOPGp. that an elephant never forgets?
FUNNYFARMPsychiatric hospital
LOONYBINPsychiatric hospital
HYSTERIASuffering this year from psychiatric disorder (8)
EDICTOrder girl into treatment for psychiatric problems (5)
DARRENHollyoaks man who left wife Nancy in psychiatric care (6,7)
NORMALBEHAVIORSThey don't require psychiatric help
SANITARIAPsychiatric hospitals
DEMENTIAPsychiatric problem
RAGWEEKFund-raiser making tabloid sound feeble (3,4)
LENDFund for now
APPEALSCricketers' calls for fund-raising drives (7)

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