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Crossword Answers: Gp.-that-funds-psychiatric-drug-testing
NIMHGp. that funds psychiatric drug testing
FICAKind of tax that funds Soc. Sec.
NEAOrg. that funds exhibits
ASPCAOrg. that funds shelters
OPECGp. that Ecuador left in 1992
SLAGp. that abducted Ms. Hearst
AMAGp. that adopted a code of ethics in 1847
SANITGp. that always cleans up
BPOEGp. that began as the Jolly Corks
ONETWO"Testing, ___ three...": 2 wds.
ENIWETOKA-bomb testing atoll
TRIALAct of testing
WINDTUNNELAerodynamic testing device
EPAAir-testing gp.
TELETHONAppeal for funds
CHARITYDRIVEAppeal for funds
CHARITYEVENTAppeal for funds
FUNDRAISERAppeal for funds
LUCRE"Filthy" funds
USN"Anchors Aweigh" gp.
BSA"Be Prepared" gp.
MLB"Boys of summer" gp.
ELO"Can't Get It Out of My Head" rock gp.

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