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Crossword Answers: Got-back-to,-in-a-way
RSVPDGot back to, in a way
RSVPSGets back to, in a way
SHAKEONAgree to, in a way
INKEDAgreed to, in a way
INKSAgrees to, in a way
RESEEDSAssigns a new ranking to, in a way
RESOLEAttach a new bottom to, in a way
PASTEDONAttached to, in a way
RESPONDEDGot back (to)
REOPENEDGot back to business, perhaps
RSVPEDGot back to, on an invitation
ONTAPAlternative to "in a bottle"
RETOOKGot back
LOT"Baby Got Back" singer Sir Mix-A-___
AVENGEDGot back at
HIETHEE"Get your butt over (to)," in olden days
ALLAAccording to, in Aquila
ALLKIDDINGASIDE"Back to business!"
NOFOOLINGAROUND"Back to business!"
SERIOUSLYTHOUGH"Back to business!"
LEA"Back To The Future" actress Thompson
ATEMPO"Back to speed," in music
BIFF"Back to the Future" bully

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