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Crossword Answers: Got-back-to,-in-a-way
RSVPDGot back to, in a way
RSVPSGets back to, in a way
RILEGet to, in a way
NAWGet to, in a way
WATERTend to, in a way, as a garden
HEMGive an edge to, in a way
TOWSGives a lift to, in a way
RATONBe disloyal to, in a way
EMAILEDWrote to, in a way
REPOTTEDRestored vigor to, in a way
KNEELATShow reverence to, in a way
DYEDAdded highlights to, in a way
SALUTEDShowed respect to, in a way
TEXTSend a message to, in a way
COALEDProvided fuel to, in a way
DIAPERAttend to, in a way, as a tiny tot
CHEATEDONWas unfaithful to, in a way
SPAMSSends mass mailings to, in a way
ACCOMPANYPlay second fiddle to, in a way
FAZEDGot to, in a way
BLESSGive approval to, in a way
PERMEDGave a wave to, in a way
LOGONGain access to, in a way
SENDSAMESSENGERDelivers a note to, in a way
TIEDCaught up to, in a way
EYEDCame on to, in a way
SASSBe disrespectful to, in a way
TIESONAttaches to, in a way
PASTEDONAttached to, in a way
RESOLEAttach a new bottom to, in a way
RESEEDSAssigns a new ranking to, in a way
INKSAgrees to, in a way
RSVPEDGot back to, on an invitation
REOPENEDGot back to business, perhaps
RESPONDEDGot back (to)
SINSomething confessed to in a confessional
MIGHTNTIs uncertain to, in a fancy tone
GAINEDONGot closer to, in a race
REVVEDGave gas to in a garage
EREPrior to, in a sonnet
CITERefer to, in a footnote
ASHESWord on either side of "to" in a David Bowie hit
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