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Crossword Answers: Girl-from-Baja
CHICAGirl from Baja
COUSINGirl from uncle?
NIECEGirl from uncle?
STEPNIECEGirl from uncle?
GETZ"The Girl From Ipanema" saxophonist
STANGETZ"The Girl From Ipanema" saxophonist
STEFANIEPowers of "The Girl from U.N.C.L.E."
MARLOGirl from "That Girl"
ELAThe girl from Ipanema?
APRILDANCERPowers role in "The Girl from U.N.C.L.E."
RITAGirl from Rio
BETSYGirl from Pike
RIOGirl from Ipanema's home
TANGirl from Ipanema's complexion
DONAGirl from Ipanema
IPANEMA'The Girl From --'
ASTRUD"The Girl From Ipanema" singer Gilberto
JOBIM"The Girl From Ipanema" composer
SRTABaja Ms.
TETEBaja Ms.
MOUNTAINDEWDrink with Code Red and Baja Blast varieties
ASADARoast, in a Baja dish
SISIEmphatic assent, in Baja
SERAPEBaja souvenir
ELNORTEThe States, in Baja
CALIIt's north of Baja, informally
SEMANAWeek, in Baja
SONORAState bordering Baja
ROSALIASanta ___ (Baja California port)
ANOFour seasons in Baja
SSEDir. down Baja California
ROJOColor of a Baja sunset

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