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Crossword Answers: Girl-from-Baja
CHICAGirl from Baja
EDNAGirl from east and going west (4)
BOLIVIACountry girl from Birmingham, initially (7)
ARMADAProtect girl from the fleet (6)
OLWENGirl from Welshpool went away (5)
MALICEMarried girl from spite (6)
FRANCESGirl from 11 (7)
SHONAScots girl from Zimbabwe (5)
NORMAGirl from the manor
ESMERALDAMale reads about girl from Notre Dame
ANGELAGirl from a strange land
EMMAGirl from Harlem, Manhattan (4)
HELENGirl from Troy seen in the lens (5)
PERUSAL... scrutiny of girl from South America (7)
FOGGYDEWWhat the weaver in the song saved the girl from (5,3)
BINDLOSSHarold, author of the novels The Girl from Keller's and The Buccaneer Farmer (8)
PSYCHESoul - girl from Greek mythology (6)
LOLALaughing out loud with a girl from Copacabana (4)
DANSEUSENice girl from the corps de ballet? (8)
PETRALatin name for girl from ancient city (5)
GLENYSGirl from Conwy's last seen in the valleys (6)
DIAZEPAMGorilla heading for zoo held by girl from behind - appearing calmer? (8)
INGEGirl from Denmark shows where lad should go to find a forest clearing? (4)
LILYOFTHEVALLEYBloomer made by girl from the bottom of the hill (4,2,3,6)
SPICEGirls from England?
NIECESThe girls from uncle"
CHEESECAKEPictures of girls from Derby, perhaps, and Dundee? (10)
AMES"The Girls From ___" (2009 nonfiction best seller)
GUIDELINESOne of those girls from the association marks on the pitch, 'The Principal Rules' (10)
MISSUSLocal address of one the girls from America (6)

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