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Crossword Answers: Girl-from-Baja
CHICAGirl from Baja
STEPNIECEGirl from uncle?
COUSINGirl from uncle?
NIECEGirl from uncle?
DORAA girl from Poland or Armenia (4)
DALLASGALGirl from Big D
BAVARIANBoy embracing girl from Munich, perhaps
ANTONIAName of girl from a strange nation
LATINAThe girl from Ipanema, for one
LASSGirl from Greenock
STEFANIEPowers of "The Girl from U.N.C.L.E."
MARLOGirl from "That Girl"
ELAThe girl from Ipanema?
APRILDANCERPowers role in "The Girl from U.N.C.L.E."
RITAGirl from Rio
BETSYGirl from Pike
RIOGirl from Ipanema's home
TANGirl from Ipanema's complexion
DONAGirl from Ipanema
BOSSAThe Girl From Ipanema is a song in the Brazilian musical style, ... nova
SUSANGirl from South Africa featured in tabloid ? (5)
ASIANA Welsh girl - from Pakistan, perhaps
VASSALTakes subordinate position against a girl from Glasgow returning (6)
GLASSYGalway girl from Glasgow reportedly provides description for vacant stare (6)
SPICEGirls from England?
NIECESThe girls from uncle"
AMES"The Girls From ___" (2009 nonfiction best seller)
GUIDELINESOne of those girls from the association marks on the pitch, 'The Principal Rules' (10)
MISSUSLocal address of one the girls from America (6)
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