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Crossword Answers: Germans-living-in-the-fast-lane
AUTOBAHNSOCIETYGermans living in the fast lane?
EXPRESSSECRETARYAssistant in the fast lane?
SPEEDTRAPConcern for one in the fast lane?
RADARConcern of one in the fast lane?
MOTORCARPSFish in the fast lane?
CARRACEROne in the fast lane?
PASSERSOnes in the fast lane?
JETHROTULL"Living in the Past" rock group
PAST"Living in the ___" (Jethro Tull song)
USA"Living in the ___" (Steve Miller Band song)
OONABiography subtitled "Living in the Shadows"
RURALLiving in the country
PELAGICLiving in the open sea
LANE"Life in the Fast ___" (Eagles hit)
REVAccelerate, as in "The Fast and the Furious"
ELITEFast lane
HOVFast lane
INTHE"Life ___ Fast Lane"
BREL"Jacques ___ is Alive and Well and Living in Paris"
ANI"Living in Clip" artist DiFranco
SIN"Living in ___" (Bon Jovi tune off "New Jersey")

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