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Crossword Answers: Generalissimo-who-is-'still-dead'
FRANCISCOFRANCOGeneralissimo who is 'still dead'
TOMJONESDeep-voiced singer who's still a sex symbol at age 63
MEDALLISTSort of winner is still made to struggle (9)
RESTSIs still
ALIENGHOSTALIVESpirit from Mars is still going?
DESIREDRidicules, but is still wanted
HASASHOTATIs still in the running for
LEVISThe popular 501 style is still produced by this iconic brand of jeans
UPONA preposition taking an adverb is still a superior preposition (4)
WILLSPlaying in the first half of the twentieth century, she is still considered to be one of the greates
OPERAMonteverdi's Orpheo, composed in 1607, is the earliest of this theatrical form of music that is stil
AKISSWords before and after "is still" in "As Time Goes By"
NEWPORTRhode Island summer resort where the jazz festival is still held (and the America's Cup used to be)
GARDENFLATPlot is still as far away from the penthouse as can be (6,4)
MARBLESAntiquities the ownership of which is still a matter of contention between Britain and Greece, the E
ALLISNOTLOSTThere is still some chance of success, or recovery (3,2,3,4)
IFANNQ. "Do you know ___ ___ Sothern is still alive?" A. "I do, and she's not, alas."
FASCISTSGeneralissimo Franco et al.
IFELL"-- as a dead body...": Dante
MANS"...on the Dead ___ Chest"
USES"101 ___ For a Dead Cat" (controversial 1980s humor book)
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