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Crossword Answers: Generalissimo-who-is-'still-dead'
FRANCISCOFRANCOGeneralissimo who is 'still dead'
BREATHERA rest for anyone who's still alive
TOMJONESDeep-voiced singer who's still a sex symbol at age 63
SOLSo a pound is still a note!
ORNATE20 Ac without a tie is still decorative (6)
ANANASFruit with the top off is still fruit (6)
SCREAMSomething very enjoyable is still second best (6)
BLUESKYZero cloud cover is still theoretical (4,3)
ENRAGEWild anger over a point is still anger (6)
UPTHEPOLEIn trouble, but the flag is still flying (2,3,4)
NOTUPRetired don is still in bed (3,2)
EVENSONGService is still no good (8)
ALBEE"The Goat or Who is Sylvia?" playwright
SOZE"Who is Keyser ___?" ("The Usual Suspects" question)
THIS"Who is ___?"
DINGDONG"Who is it?" prompter
SIDE"Who is on the LORD's ___-?" (Ex. 32:26)
EUCLIDAncient Greek mathematician whose book, Elements, is still used today to teach plane geometry
ROSEBUDSGather ye ... while ye may / Old Time is still a-flying (Herrick) (8)
ITNOT"Is ___ ___ over yet?" (That game is still in overtime?)
EVERGREENDespite the title, "Falling Leaves" is still a popular song (9)
MATCHLESSLucifer gets a smaller amount, but is still without equal (9)
PERVEZMUSHARRAF"Can you name the general who is in charge of Pakistan?"
LUCKY"He who is not ___, let him not go a-fishing"
CINCTUREGeneralissimo with true twist of belt (8)
FASCISTSGeneralissimo Franco et al.
CLASSICALGeneralissimo welcomed female compiler, relaxed with the Guardian and listened to this? (9,5)
SLIPA 1 across, though not, say, Daisy, is still a 1 across (4)

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