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Crossword Answers: Gave-up-the-football,-in-a-way
PUNTEDGave up the football, in a way
PUNTSSurrenders the football, in a way
RESIGNEDGave up the job, being submissive (8)
EDWARDHe gave up the throne for Wallis
ABDGave up the throne: abbr.
DIEDGave up the ghost
LEFTOVEROdd bar hosting football in separate halves? (8)
SPHEROIDFootball, in shape
SOCCERFootball, in most places
ELIOne of the football-playing Mannings
DUGOUTBunker (for the football manager?) (6)
FASTESTIt's exceedingly quick, the Football Association's cricket match
TRUSTFULWith confidence, the football union league leaders embrace decay (8)
STAKEPost the football coupon money (5)
ELEVENGloria's leaving Seville orange for the football team (6)
MUDBATHBeauty treatment for a wet day on the football field (3,4)
ANOD"... and giving ___, up the chimney he rose"
SASH"... and threw up the ___"
LAD"Arise, lift up the ___, and hold him" (Gen 21:18)
NUTMEGTechnique in football in which a player passes the ball between another player's legs (6)
INKSTANDHeadless jink in the football stadium is for the benefit of old writer (8)
FACUPAnnual knockout competition open to all teams of the Football Association (1,1,3)
SACKRACEEpitomises which of the football managers will go first to childish game at sports day (4,4)
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