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Crossword Answers: Gave-up-the-football,-in-a-way
PUNTEDGave up the football, in a way
PUNTSSurrenders the football, in a way
ABDGave up the throne: abbr.
DIEDGave up the ghost
EDWARDHe gave up the throne for Wallis
SOCCERFootball, in most places
OFFENSETeam with the football
HAILMARYLast-ditch pass on the football field
HIKE"Give me the football!"
TACKLEBring down on the football field
RESNAPHike the football again
SAPPWarren on the football field
KICKSOFFStarts the football game
SASH"... and threw up the ___"
ANOD"And giving ___, up the chimney..."
ELEVENGloria's leaving Seville orange for the football team (6)
MUDBATHBeauty treatment for a wet day on the football field (3,4)
TOSSYou'll probably kick the football if you lose it
DONTTAILGATEAdvice for those leaving the football game
MEL___ Blount in the Football Hall of Fame
CANTONSite of the Football Hall of Fame
LAD"Arise, lift up the ___, and hold him in thine hand" (Gen

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