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Crossword Answers: Gave-up-the-football,-in-a-way
PUNTEDGave up the football, in a way
PUNTSSurrenders the football, in a way
DIEDGave up the ghost
ABDGave up the throne: abbr.
EDWARDHe gave up the throne for Wallis
TOSSUPSFlips on the football field
KENSHouston and Strong of the Football Hall of Fame
TIERLevel at the football game
WOSSAMOTTAName of the school in the football episode, ___ U.
CEDEDGave up
RIBAdam gave up one
DENISEHURTBrooklyn girlfriend who gave up skiing?
ANOD"... and giving ___, up the chimney he rose"
SASH"... and threw up the ___"
EER"...all that wealth ___ gave": Gray
HIS"...he gave ___ only begotten Son" (John 3:16)
ADAM"And ___ gave names to all cattle" (Gen. 2:20)
LIE"I gave at the office," usually
TAKES"And he ___ it down to the forty-five..." (football announcer's line)
NEAR"And he's taken down ___ the 50-yard line..." (football announcer's line)
BAMA"Bear" Bryant's football team, for short
CORNELL"Big Red" football team
SONG"Brian's ___" (football movie)

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