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Crossword Answers: Gatsby-era-hairstyles
BOBSGatsby-era hairstyles
DECOGatsby-era architecture
BOAGatsby-era accessory
SODUHigh hairstyles
UPDOSHigh hairstyles
MOHICANSComplains about fashionable topless hairstyles
CLOSECUTLike military hairstyles
FIORIOMaurice ___ ("Cityline" hairstyles expert)
TONSURESHairstyles for 16? (8)
EMOLike some hairstyles with long bangs
MULLETSHairstyles like MacGyver's
SPIKYLike some punk hairstyles
UDOSSome hairstyles
DORAGSKerchiefs worn to protect hairstyles
SHORTANSWER"Eon" or "era" in a crossword?
OTELLO"Era la notte" opera
MONROE"Era of Good Feelings" president
MINI"Laugh-In"-era skirt
GOLDRUSH"Paint Your Wagon" era
LOPAT"Steady Eddie" of the Stengel-era Yankees
NINETIES"The Naughty ___" (bygone era)
HOTCROSSBUNSGood-looking combination hairstyles go down well before Easter (3,5,4)
SPAREA"Brother, Can You ___ Dime?" (Depression Era tune)
LAYSISTERHairstyle's messed up when doffing cap for one who's not a nun in a nunnery (3,6)
DELETEEras (6)
HISTORIANExpert on eras
ZOICSuffix in the names of many eras
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