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Crossword Answers: Gatsby-era-hairstyles
BOBSGatsby-era hairstyles
BOAGatsby-era accessory
DECOGatsby-era architecture
POUFS18th-century hairstyles
MOPSBeatlesque hairstyles
PAGEBOYSCertain hairstyles
MOHAWKSConspicuous hairstyles
PONYTAILSEasy-maintenance hairstyles
GREENHIGHLIGHTSFeature of some sorta punk hairstyles?
LADD"The Great Gatsby" star
ROBERTREDFORD"The Great Gatsby" star
ALANLADD1949 Gatsby portrayer
AWAN"She answered with ___ smile" (line from "The Great Gatsby")
WESTEGG"The Great Gatsby" locale
GREAT"The ___ Gatsby"
ATRAY"___ of cocktails floated...": "The Great Gatsby"
MIADaisy in The Great Gatsby
JAYF. Scott's Gatsby
SPAREA"Brother, Can You ___ Dime?" (Depression Era tune)
SHORTANSWER"Eon" or "era" in a crossword?
OTELLO"Era la notte" opera
MONROE"Era of Good Feelings" president
MINI"Laugh-In"-era skirt
GOLDRUSH"Paint Your Wagon" era
LOPAT"Steady Eddie" of the Stengel-era Yankees
NINETIES"The Naughty ___" (bygone era)
THEMONEY"We're in ___," Depression-era song
THEJAZZAGE'20s musical era
WHY'___ We Fight' (WWII-era propaganda series)
WHISKEYBUSINESS... about the prohibition era?
WARANDPEACE1860s epic set in the Napoleonic Era
THEAMERICANCENTURY1941 Henry Luce article that coined a name for an era
STU1958 N.L. ERA leader Miller

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