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Crossword Answers: Gathering,-as-for-music
FESTGathering, as for music
ACCRUINGGathering, as interest
HIVINGGathering, as bees
BRYNWelsh opera singer awarded The Queen's Medal for Music in 2006 (4,6)
MTVChannel for music videos, once
TUNERSWorkers with an ear for music?
ERASSome are named for music genres
LIMOWheels for music stars
RESTTime out for music
OLOGYSuffix for music
OBOEReed for music
CDRACKSPlaces for music storage
PERLEGeorge who won a 1986 Pulitzer for music
THEMUSESEuterpe for music, terpsichore for dance, etc.
MUSEEuterpe for music, e.g.
IPODApple gadget for music lovers
DRUMSONATASAnagrammatic prognostication for music?
TEEFoursome's gathering place
MANNAFood for the gathering?
RECONSIntel-gathering missions
CEILIDHIrish social gathering (7)
MENSAGroup noted for intelligence gathering?
ENTRANCEPoints to wool gathering at gate (8)
SPYINGCarol admits parking at end of causeway gathering intelligence (6)
ANGSTROMA no good storm gathering from a very, very, short distance (8)
SYNODSEcclesiastical gatherings
DUNGHEAPS No good stopping awful "œheads up" for business gatherings (4,5)
GALAXIESParty for ten? That is at society gatherings for all the stars! (8)

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