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Crossword Answers: Gathering,-as-for-music
FESTGathering, as for music
HIVINGGathering, as bees
NEDROREM1976 Pulitzer winner for Music
EARAffinity for music
DRUMSONATASAnagrammatic prognostication for music?
IPODApple gadget for music lovers
MUSEEuterpe for music, e.g.
THEMUSESEuterpe for music, terpsichore for dance, etc.
PERLEGeorge who won a 1986 Pulitzer for music
INREAs for
WAST"And as for thy nativity, in the day thou ___ born thy navel was not cut": Ezekiel 16:4
AMOI"Quant ___..." ("as for me..." to Henri)
ALPHASA's for Nana Mouskouri
HITUPAccost, as for money
BEIN'60s hippie gathering
LOVEIN'60s hippie gathering
ANNE"The Gathering" author Enright
EDASNER"The Gathering" star
FAMILYAFFAIR"The Godfather" gathering?
SOCKHOP1950s musical gathering
STAG31 ___ party (men-only gathering)
TEA4:00 gathering
REUNIONAlumna gathering

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