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Crossword Answers: Gathering,-as-for-music
FESTGathering, as for music
ACCRUINGGathering, as interest
HIVINGGathering, as bees
CAIROArab place for music in company (5)
TOPFIVEList heading for music snobs
TEMPOTime for music (5)
TONEDEAFHaving no ear for music (4-4)
ORGANAn ear, perhaps, for music? (5)
ROCKSure foundation for music? (4)
CELLOLittle room and nothing extra for music-making
WOODSTOCKFirst of dinners two cooks prepared for music festival (9)
TONE___-deaf; like one with no ear for music
CAPITALMARKETIt's the hub for music, initially from the time of the flood, and alien to one of those in Moore Str
MARSALISWinner of the 1997 Pulitzer Prize for Music, trumpet player Wynton ...
OPERAA reporter beginning to turn up for music drama
MAESTROEar most prone to adjustment for music master (7)
BRYNWelsh opera singer awarded The Queen's Medal for Music in 2006 (4,6)
ANNE"The Gathering" author Enright
EDASNER"The Gathering" star
FAMILYAFFAIR"The Godfather" gathering?
SCRUMSRugby gatherings
COVENSGatherings of witches
ATRIAPlaces for light gatherings?
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