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Crossword Answers: Gathering,-as-for-music
FESTGathering, as for music
ACCRUINGGathering, as interest
HIVINGGathering, as bees
TONEDEAFHaving no ear for music (4-4)
ORGANAn ear, perhaps, for music? (5)
ROCKSure foundation for music? (4)
CELLOLittle room and nothing extra for music-making
MTVChannel for music videos, once
TUNERSWorkers with an ear for music?
ERASSome are named for music genres
LIMOWheels for music stars
RESTTime out for music
OLOGYSuffix for music
OBOEReed for music
OPERAA reporter beginning to turn up for music drama
MAESTROEar most prone to adjustment for music master (7)
BRYNWelsh opera singer awarded The Queen's Medal for Music in 2006 (4,6)
NEGUSStudents gathering for one hot drink (5)
ADELAIDESinger gathering support for Australian city (8)
HEARTHSSome gathering spots
ASTEROIDSpace traveller joins a gathering of editors
HERDERSGathering of stockholders?
LIVERSAUSAGE Agile unruly gathering against consuming a meat product (5,7)
SENDOFFNurse at party, very loud gathering before one leaves (4-3)
HIGHLANDGAMES... top-level gathering -- maybe grouse season's beginning? (8,5)
BEINSGatherings for hippies
PARTYYou might have one of these gatherings of friends to celebrate your birthday (5)
HOMEMOVIESNostalgic films for family gatherings ... and what 18-, 28- and 50-Across are?
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