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Crossword Answers: Gathering,-as-for-music
FESTGathering, as for music
ACCRUINGGathering, as interest
HIVINGGathering, as bees
RAGTIMEScrap occasion for music (7)
STAFFLines for music notes
KTELCo. known for music compilations
NOTESWireless working, turned up for music (5)
THORNPoint of time for music-maker (5)
SOUNDPRACTICEOrthodox procedure for music rehearsal? (5,8)
NORMALLYNumber: a thousand in a gathering as a rule (8)
MANETFrench artist noted for Music in the Tuileries, The Luncheon on the Grass, The Races at Longchamp, B
PAVAROTTIFamous tenor who once said, 'I think a life for music is well spent, and that is what I have devoted
GOLDDISCAward for music -- or endless dancing (4,4)
ZWILICHEllen, winner of the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Music (7)
NASHVILLEPoet Ogden takes over from Louis in Louisville, a city renowned for music (9)
PASTORALOld Observer man has friend round for music (8)
FANTASIAFellow worker going to the Continent for music (8)
ANNE"The Gathering" author Enright
EDASNER"The Gathering" star
FAMILYAFFAIR"The Godfather" gathering?
FRATPARTIESGreek gatherings?
BEANFEASTSFestive gatherings of runners? (10)
SINGSONGSGatherings around piano thing, thongs no longer have lisp (9)

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