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Crossword Answers: Gambia's-unit-of-currency
DALASIGambia's unit of currency
KYATStandard unit of currency of Myanmar (4)
RUPEEUnit of currency in Pakistan or Sri Lanka
CEDIStandard unit of currency of Ghana (4)
TAKAStandard unit of currency of Bangladesh (4)
BIRRStandard unit of currency of Ethiopia (4)
KNUTUnit of currency in the Harry Potter books
RIALIranian unit of currency
ESCUDOPortugese unit of currency
LIRAItaly's unit of currency
CHIAOChinese unit of currency
ONECLAM"B.C." unit of currency
GUILDERUnit of currency of the Netherlands replaced by the Euro in 2002 (7)
DRACHMAFormer standard unit of currency of Greece replaced by the Euro (7)
LEONEUnit of currency that is part of its country's name
COLONUnit of currency in Costa Rica and El Salvador
KRONERUnits of currency in Denmark
DELTAWidespread issue of currency
WADHandful of currency
TROUBLESHOOTSolve problems of currency and go away during Tourist Trophy (12)
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