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Crossword Answers: Gambia's-unit-of-currency
DALASIGambia's unit of currency
ONECLAM"B.C." unit of currency
CHIAOChinese unit of currency
LIRAItaly's unit of currency
ESCUDOPortugese unit of currency
COLONUnit of currency in Costa Rica and El Salvador
LEONEUnit of currency that is part of its country's name
RIALIranian unit of currency
KNUTUnit of currency in the Harry Potter books
PARITYEqual value of currency
SEASHELLSOldest known form of currency
HAZEBasic monetary unit of Ghana
CEDIBasic monetary unit of Ghana
REAM500-sheet unit of paper
TAELAsian unit of weight
PARSECAstronomical unit of distance
LEKBasic monetary unit of Albania
CELLWALLBasic structural unit of a plant
CELLBasic structural unit of all plants
YENBasic unit of Japanese currency
SENEGALGambia's only neighbor
LEKSAlbanian currency
USDAmer. currency
DOLAmer. currency
EURO21st-century currency

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