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Crossword Answers: Frequency-distribution
PROBABILITYFUNCTIONFrequency distribution
PROBABILITYDENSITYFrequency distribution
ASHESLent-opening distribution
FORENSICJudicial distribution of conifers (8)
SYSTEMATICMethodical distribution of city's steam (10)
LAMEDMedal distribution halted (5)
AVERTSFrustrates vaster distribution (6)
TOPHEAVYUnstable through weight distribution (3-5)
REALLOCATIONActual place for further distribution (12)
THEPUBLICMarket's ending with blue chip distribution for customers (3,6)
SPAMMINGMing maps way for distribution of junk (8)
GIVINGOUTComing to the end of the distribution
SEGMENTDivide gems" distribution with hospital department (7)
SECONDEROne supporting the distribution of seed corn
CHIAROSCUROArtistic distribution of light and dark masses in a painting (11)
LOTTERYFUNDINGWhat one's good cause seeks? Try gelt found in distribution (7,7)
GRAPESHOTFruit stolen and loaded for wide distribution (9)
NICHEMARKETINGWrongly, I'm tied to kitchen range for specialised distribution (5,9)
SHRAPNELShell's terrible distribution of "Quiet Man" - upside down, without charge (8)
EVADETHELAWDodge wealth distribution and escape detection (5,3,3)
CORANGLAISIt's instrumental in Calor Gas distribution (3,7)
STRAIGHTENEven up things with rate distribution (10)
IMPARTIALJust one taking role in mail distribution (9)
TABLEWINEDrink wasted in cutting distribution of tea (5,4)
STRATEGICCunningly planned distribution of cigarettes (not English) (9)
THEPOSTMANDistribution of letters in cinematography wasn't witless with 1 24 across (3,7,6,5,5)

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