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Crossword Answers: Frequency-distribution
PROBABILITYFUNCTIONFrequency distribution
PROBABILITYDENSITYFrequency distribution
WIDERELEASEDistribution method for blockbusters
ALERTSAlters distribution of warnings (6)
GAINSProfits in gas distribution
ENDUSEREnsured distribution to ultimate recipient (3,4)
COATROOMTicket distribution center
COMPOSTOFFICEFertilizer distribution center?
CONTRARYOpposed to Ron Tracy Distribution (8)
DEALSBusiness transactions or distribution of cards
MAINSWater distribution network (5)
ACROSSOscars distribution is over (6)
FORMWaiting room distribution
MASSMARKETFor wide distribution
BALANCEOFPOWEREqual distribution of forces among nations
TREATIESTries to keep tea distribution for international agreements (8)
REAPPORTIONEDMade new distribution of a report in dope shock
PATRICIDEDistribution of pirated discs regularly is killing pop (9)
DOORSTEPPrepare poster for distribution and go canvassing (8)
REALLOTMake another distribution of genuine quantity (7)
ECONOMICIn distribution of income the company is thrifty
LEAFLETPrinted sheet of paper for distribution (7)
ECONOMYA country's system of production, distribution and consumption (7)
CENSOROfficial with the power to prohibit distribution of material (6)
ESPRESSOWartime organisation controls the media and distribution of coffee (8)
OCALAOnetime center for the distribution of oranges
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