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Crossword Answers: French-naval-base
TOULONChief French naval base
BRESTFrench naval base
EXOCETFrench naval missile
MAILDEMERFrench naval post?
ODESSABlack Sea naval base
SCAPAFLOWBritish naval base site in the Orkney Islands
EMDENGerman WWII naval base
HALIFAXHome of Canada's main naval base
SASEBOJapanese naval base north of Nagasaki
SEABEENaval base builder
CAVITENaval base in Luzon
HULLNaval base?
GITMONewsmaking naval base
GUAMPacific island home to a U.S. naval base
APRAPort of Guam, U.S. naval base
ORIENTESite of U.S. naval base in Cuba
ERIE1813 naval battle site
MOBILEBAY1864 Civil War naval battle site
CORALSEA1942 U.S. naval victory site
USSAbbr. on a naval vessel
QIRAbu ___ Bay, site of Horatio Nelson's naval victory, 1798
MAAMAddress to a superior naval officer, maybe
LAWRENCEAmerican naval hero
ARMADABig naval group
WRENSBr. naval group
LORDBritish naval hero ___ Mountbatten
HMSBritish naval initials
SEABEESBuilt U.S. Naval aviation bases
RANKCanadian naval captain, e.g.

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