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Crossword Answers: French-naval-base
BRESTFrench naval base
TOULONChief French naval base
MAILDEMERFrench naval post?
EXOCETFrench naval missile
VIGOSpanish naval base
KEYNaval base off Florida, ... West
NORFOLKVIRGINIAHome of the world's largest naval base
PETERIFounder of the first Russian naval base
SCAPA___ Flow (British naval base site)
PAGOPAGOU.S. naval base until 1951
CADIZSpanish naval base site
ORIENTESite of U.S. naval base in Cuba
APRAPort of Guam, U.S. naval base
GITMONewsmaking naval base
HULLNaval base?
CAVITENaval base in Luzon
SEABEENaval base builder
SASEBOJapanese naval base north of Nagasaki
HALIFAXHome of Canada's main naval base
TRAPANIPort in NW Sicily; formerly an important Carthaginian naval base (7)
YAPIsland in the Caroline Islands of the Pacific Ocean; an important Japanese naval base in World War I
SANDIEGOAgonised about site of US naval base (3,5)
PEARLHARBORSite of a surprise attack by Japan on a U.S. naval base on December 7, 1941: 2 wds.
GUAMPacific island home to a U.S. naval base
KEELSNaval bases?
ERIE1813 naval battle site
MOBILEBAY1864 Civil War naval battle site
CORALSEA1942 U.S. naval victory site
USSAbbr. on a naval vessel
MAAMAddress to a superior naval officer, maybe
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