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Crossword Answers: Frame-a-photo-again
REMATFrame a photo again
REASKFrame a question another way
ENLAbbr. at a photo lab
RETOUCHESAlters, as a photo
POSEArrange, as people for a photo
POSEDArranged for a photo
IDSCards with a photo
HANDGUNClinton would require a photo ID to purchase one
ZOOMEDClosed (in on), as for a photo
TINTColor a photo
CEL"Cinderella" frame
PENN"Frame of Government" author
EAVESA-frame overhangs
BEAMSA-frame supports
HOUR"One ___ Photo" (2002)
CENTAURFOLD"Playboy" photo of a Greek monster?
ERMA"When You Look Like Your Passport Photo, It's Time to Go Home" author Bombeck
DALI"___ Atomicus" (Philippe Halsman photo featuring flying cats)
PERM'Do in many an '80s yearbook photo
TINTYPE19th century photo
OHR60-min., as photo-lab service
AFTERAd photo caption
RESIZESAdjusts, as a magazine photo

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