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Crossword Answers: Frame-a-photo-again
REMATFrame a photo again
MOUNTFrame a picture of Everest, for instance (5)
REASKFrame a question another way
INSETPhoto within a photo
AIRBRUSHPrettify - alter a photo (8)
POSITIVEWithout doubt a photo-finish
SNAPDECISIONResult of a photo finish? (4,8)
MATTFamiliar name for a photo finish (4)
LAPWhere kids sit for a photo with Santa
GLOSSA photo finish (5)
CAMERATRIPODStand for a photo
NECKANDNECKNeeding a photo finish
ENFRAMEDPut in a border, as a photo
DATEDLike a photo of you in bell-bottoms
REPRINTCopy of a photo
CROPSTrims, as a photo
LOCKETCase hung round the neck, containing a photo (6)
CELSFrames a collector might frame
CEL"Cinderella" frame
PENN"Frame of Government" author
MYRTLETest wood frames for climbing plant
ANGELAn - at My Table; 1990 Jane Campion film based on Janet Frame's three autobiographies including To t
DECKLESWooden frames also known as fences in papermaking machines, used for limiting the size of sheets pro

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