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Crossword Answers: Frame-a-photo-again
REMATFrame a photo again
REASKFrame a question another way
SNAPDECISIONResult of a photo finish? (4,8)
MATTFamiliar name for a photo finish (4)
LAPWhere kids sit for a photo with Santa
GLOSSA photo finish (5)
CAMERATRIPODStand for a photo
NECKANDNECKNeeding a photo finish
ENFRAMEDPut in a border, as a photo
DATEDLike a photo of you in bell-bottoms
REPRINTCopy of a photo
CROPSTrims, as a photo
NEGSStrips in a photo lab
UNPOSEDCandid, as a photo
TREASUREDMEMORYWhat a photo might preserve
CROPTrim a photo
DOCTOREDNot entirely real, as a photo
CELSFrames a collector might frame
SASHCORDIt helps if you require a frame-up
AWNINGCanvas roof supported by a frame (6)
WHEELCircular frame
MATRIXFrame - template (6)
HOUR"One ___ Photo" (2002)
CENTAURFOLD"Playboy" photo of a Greek monster?
ROUSSEAUPhilosopher uses our slips to frame introduction to analysis (8)
AMUSEDMorning spent in a happy frame of mind (6)
COPING? saw, tool with a U-shaped frame used for cutting curves in wood (6)
CANVASSEDSought opinion, say, on how artist prepared his frame for painting? (9)
ERMA"When You Look Like Your Passport Photo, It's Time to Go Home" author Bombeck
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