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Crossword Answers: Four-roods
ACREFour roods
ONEACREFour roods
JUBERood screen
ROODLOFTRood screen
GALLERYRood screen
ROODARCHRood screen
BOUNDARIESFours scored in cricket
PONYTREKKINGMoney in London for trip from The Palace travelling on all fours (4,8)
GIGGLERSThey laugh most things off to soldier on horse going around Leopardstown on all fours (8)
SNIPPETFind small scrap inside parsnip petit fours (7)
LEANArsenal's back four's rejigged without success (4)
ARGYLEDiamond pattern frequently observed on socks below plus-fours
FULLSo, Nora leaves on all fours with that feeling after heavy lunch (4)
GOLFERSPeople with, but only just, sufficient grounds for wearing plus fours
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