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Crossword Answers: Four-footed-Romeo
TOMCATFour-footed Romeo
SITARFour-footed pal
KITTYFour-footed pal
TETRAPODFour-footed animal (8)
VETDoctor with four-footed patients, for short
NOPETS"Leave your four-footed friends behind!"
CURFour-footed lowlife
SIRESFour-footed fathers
ELSAFour-footed orphan of literature
BUGSBUNNYFour-footed nemesis of Elmer Fudd
PETSFour-footed friends
PAWFour-footed friend's foot
PETFour-footed friend
MARCHHAREFour-footed Wonderland creature
MREDFour-footed TV star
PETERCOTTONTAILFour-footed Easter egg carrier
DOGSFeet, or four-footed friends
QUADRUPED4-footed animal (9)
TROMPWalk heavy-footed
CHAMOISSure-footed window-cleaner (7)
SWANLarge, web-footed bird (4)
PALMATEWeb-footed friends? (7)
LUMBERINGHeavy-footed (9)
LOUIEWeb-footed Disney nephew
DUCKWeb footed creature
SQUIDSTen footed or ten armed
HHPOne-footed jump (3)
SNOWSHOERABBITBig-footed vegetarian beast that changes its coat in winter
UNGUALIn France, a Gaul turns out to be claw-footed (6)
WALTZESInitially, time zone in country can get one wrong-footed (7)
OUTDOESBeats fleet-footed females in the end (7)

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