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Crossword Answers: Four-footed-Romeo
TOMCATFour-footed Romeo
DOGSFeet, or four-footed friends
PETERCOTTONTAILFour-footed Easter egg carrier
MREDFour-footed TV star
MARCHHAREFour-footed Wonderland creature
PETFour-footed friend
PAWFour-footed friend's foot
PETSFour-footed friends
BUGSBUNNYFour-footed nemesis of Elmer Fudd
ELSAFour-footed orphan of literature
SIRESFour-footed fathers
CURFour-footed lowlife
NOPETS"Leave your four-footed friends behind!"
SITARFour-footed pal
GOONEYBlack-footed albatross
GOONYBlack-footed albatross
YETIBig-footed abominable one
GOONEYSBlack-footed albatrosses
FERRETBlack-footed animal
BOOBYBlue-footed bird
ACEDCaught flat-footed on a tennis serve, maybe
SPEEDTRAPDangerous place for the heavy-footed
POSTPAIDEmily footed the bill?
SEALFin-footed mammal
LEST"... ___ faith turn to despair": Romeo
ERE"... ___ my Romeo comes"
AFOE"Being held ___, he may not have access": ("Romeo and Juliet" quote Trent Lott might have said about
SOFT"But, ___! what light..." Romeo
MAB"Fairies' midwife" in "Romeo and Juliet"
CANST"Farewell: thou ___ not teach me to forget": Romeo
CUE"Good morrow, cousin," for Romeo
HIDEME"I have night's cloak to ___" (Romeo)
SCENE"In fair Verona, where we lay our ___" (second line of "Romeo and Juliet")
IAM"O, ___ fortune's fool!": Romeo
OLIN"Romeo Is Bleeding" actress
LENA"Romeo Is Bleeding" actress Olin
JETLI"Romeo Must Die" star

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