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Crossword Answers: Former-name-of-Jakarta
BATAVIAFormer name of Jakarta
STRANGEWAYSFormer name of HM Prison Manchester (11)
RANGOONFormer name of the capital of Myanmar (7)
CALCUTTAFormer name of capital of West Bengal (8)
TITOGRADFormer name of Podgorica (Montenegro) until 1992 (8)
SCUTARIFormer name of the Turkish town Uskudar (7)
BELGIANFormer name of Zaire from 1908-1960 (7,5)
WHITERUSSIAFormer name of Belarus (5,6)
LENINGRADFormer name of St Petersburg (9)
BELGIANCONGOFormer name of Zaire (7,5)
PEKINGFormer name of Chinese city (6)
MADRASFormer name of Indian city and state (6)
MSN___ Search (former name of search engine Bing)
SMYRNAFormer name of Izmir, Turkey
PORTSTANLEYFormer name of the Falkland Islands capital (4,7)
KAMPUCHEAFormer name of Cambodia
FORMOSAFormer name of Taiwan (7)
CANDIAFormer name of Crete
MHOFormer name of the physics unit siemens
BOMBAYFormer name of Indian city - kind of duck? (6)
SPICEISLANDSFormer name of the Maluku Islands in Indonesia (5,7)
CHADOCHOCINCOFormer name of an NFL player who appeared on "Dancing With the Stars" in 2010: 2 wds.
MALDIVE__ Islands: former name of an Indian Ocean republic
ORISSAFormer name of a state on Bay of Bengal in eastern India (6)
NATALFormer name of this South African province, now changed to reflect its history as Kwazulu or 'the pl
OCULISTFormer name for an ophthalmologist (7)
APOPLEXYStroke (former name) (8)
UPPERVOLTAFormer name (until 1984) of Burkina-Faso (5,5)
QUEENSTOWNFormer name for 12's gay community? (10)
EXCITEFormer name to cause a stir

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