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Crossword Answers: Former-name-of-Jakarta
BATAVIAFormer name of Jakarta
BRITISHHONDURASFormer name of Belize
GARMOFormer name of Communism Peak
ZAIREFormer name of Congo
CANDLESTICKPARKFormer name of Giants' home
BGUFormer name of Guyana: Abbr.
PERSIAFormer name of Iran
SKYDOMEFormer name of Rogers Centre
BAHIAFormer name of Salvador
TNNFormer name of Spike TV
CELEBESFormer name of Sulawesi
DAHOMEYBenin's former name
OSSCIA's former name
XENAEris's former name
ESSOExxon's former name
LODFormer name for Ben-Gurion Airport
EDOFormer name for Tokyo
RUDYFormer name in Gracie Mansion
STAR"... name of the ___ is called Wormwood" (Rev. 8:11)
ROT"...but the name of the wicked shall ___" (Pr 10:7)
HELIE"Did ___ in the name of love?" (Five for Fighting lyric)
UWE"In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale" director Boll
ALLAH"In the name of ___"
INHIS"It's ___ Kiss" (alternate name of "The Shoop Shoop Song")
INA"Living ___ Box" (name of a 1987 one-hit wonder, their album, and their one hit)
GAME"Name of the ___"
ABBA"The Name of the Game" group
MILERFrom Jakarta, e.g.
JAVANFrom Jakarta, e.g.
JAVANICETIME"Enjoy yourself?" in Jakarta?
ESHA"Jakarta" role
INDONESIAIts capital is Jakarta
JAVJakarta native: Abbr.
JAVAWhere Jakarta is

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