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Crossword Answers: Former-name-of-Jakarta
BATAVIAFormer name of Jakarta
BELGIANFormer name of Zaire from 1908-1960 (7,5)
WHITERUSSIAFormer name of Belarus (5,6)
PORTSTANLEYFormer name of the Falkland Islands capital (4,7)
KAMPUCHEAFormer name of Cambodia
CANDIAFormer name of Crete
SMYRNAFormer name of Izmir, Turkey
FORMOSAFormer name of Taiwan (7)
MHOFormer name of the physics unit siemens
PENANGFormer name of Malaysian state capital, George Town
SERENDIPFormer name of Sri Lanka
RHODESIAFormer name of Zimbabwe
INDIESFormer name of Indonesia, Dutch East ...
EIREFormer name of Ireland
LAPLANDFormer name of north Scandinavian region now Saamiland
DUTCHFormer name of Indonesia, ... East Indies
SAIGONFormer name of Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City
EASTFormer name of Indonesia, Dutch ... Indies
ABYSSINIAThe former name of Ethiopia
SPICEISLANDSFormer name of the Maluku Islands in Indonesia (5,7)
CHADOCHOCINCOFormer name of an NFL player who appeared on "Dancing With the Stars" in 2010: 2 wds.
MALDIVE__ Islands: former name of an Indian Ocean republic
ORISSAFormer name of a state on Bay of Bengal in eastern India (6)
NATALFormer name of this South African province, now changed to reflect its history as Kwazulu or 'the pl
DORCHESTERNB village; or, former name of Montreal's Boulevard Rene-Levesque
LINESMANFormer name for assistant referee in football (8)
WESTPAKISTANFormer name, until 1971, of Pakistan (4,8)
MADRASFormer name for Chennai (6)
SCOTIAScotland's former name
DNOTICEFormer name for announcement sent to newspapers banning publication of certain secret info (1-6)
BOULDER___ Dam, former name, 1933-47, of Hoover Dam, U.S.A. (7)
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