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Crossword Answers: Former-name-of-Jakarta
BATAVIAFormer name of Jakarta
CANDIAFormer name of Crete
MHOFormer name of the physics unit siemens
PENANGFormer name of Malaysian state capital, George Town
INDIESFormer name of Indonesia, Dutch East ...
EIREFormer name of Ireland
LAPLANDFormer name of north Scandinavian region now Saamiland
DUTCHFormer name of Indonesia, ... East Indies
SAIGONFormer name of Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City
RHODESIAFormer name of Zimbabwe
EASTFormer name of Indonesia, Dutch ... Indies
ABYSSINIAThe former name of Ethiopia
SIAMFormer name of Thailand (4)
COLUMBIUMFormer name of the metallic element niobium (9)
CEYLONFormer name of Sri Lanka (6)
BENARESFormer name of Varanasi, India
ESSOFormer name of Exxon stations
PYGMYCHIMPANZEEFormer name of the bonobo
AMOYFormer name of Xiamen
ALMAATAFormer name of Kazakhstan's capital
AGANAFormer name of Hagatna
NYASAFormer name of Lake Malawi
NATALFormer name of this South African province, now changed to reflect its history as Kwazulu or 'the pl
DORCHESTERNB village; or, former name of Montreal's Boulevard Rene-Levesque
ORANGEFREESTATEFormer name of the province whose capital is Bloemfontein
SCOTIAScotland's former name
BELGIANCONGOFormer name, until 1960, of Zaere (7,5)
EECFormer name for European Community (1,1,1)
PEKINGFormer name for Beijing (6)
NUEVA"___ Espana" (Mexico's former name)
BOULDER___ Dam, former name, 1933-47, of Hoover Dam, U.S.A. (7)
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