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Crossword Answers: Forensic medicine technique
DNATESTForensic medicine technique
BLOODSTAINBit of forensic evidence
FIBERBit of forensic evidence
FBILABForensic site in Quantico, Va.
ANDForensic evidence comes back in addition (3)
OFDEATHPatricia Cornwell forensic thriller, Cause ... (2,5)
HAIRSForensic evidence, often
DNAANALYSISForensic technique
LIPForensic scientist's print source
CSISForensic detectives, briefly
LABForensic site
DNALABForensic facility
CSIMIAMIForensic TV spin-off
BONESFox forensic drama
CSILEWISFantasy author and forensic pathologist?
ORATIONNational Forensic League skill
ADVIL"Advanced medicine for pain" sloganeer
BONJOVI"Bad Medicine" band
ALLOPATHY"Convention-al" medicine
BERNIE"Love, Medicine & Miracles" author Siegel
URI"Mind Medicine" author Geller
SILENTWITNESSTakes the stand and has nothing to say for the forensic scientist (6,7)
DOETH"A merry heart ___ good like a medicine": Proverbs
WHORLRidge studied in forensics
TAKEDEBATEStudy forensics?
DEBATESParticipates in forensics
CLUEForensics find
ENSHRINETreasure found by Forensics in middle of Rhine unexpectedly (8)
MICROSCOPEIt's used for addressing revenue found on policeman from Spain in the forensics laboratory (10)
ARSENICIt's detected by the Marsh test, in forensics
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