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Crossword Answers: Forensic medicine technique
DNATESTForensic medicine technique
COURTTV"Forensic Files" carrier
CSICBS forensic drama
DATINGArtifact dating technique
CARBONDATINGArtifact dating technique
HALFLIFEDATINGArtifact dating technique
RADIOCARBONDATINGArtifact dating technique
RADIOMETRICDATINGArtifact dating technique
NORMALLANDINGAircraft landing technique
PERFECTLANDINGAircraft landing technique
THREEPOINTLANDINGAircraft landing technique
SLO-- -mo (replay technique)
METHODActing technique
DRIPAction-painting technique
SHIATSUAcupressure technique
TAEBOAerobics technique
STOPMOTIONAnimation technique
DOETH"A merry heart ___ good like a medicine": Proverbs
ADVIL"Advanced medicine for pain" sloganeer
BONJOVI"Bad Medicine" band
ALLOPATHY"Convention-al" medicine
BERNIE"Love, Medicine & Miracles" author Siegel
URI"Mind Medicine" author Geller
MUSIC"Sweet and healing medicine of troubles": Horace
OSLER"The Principles and Practice of Medicine" author
USEAS"___ directed" (medicine bottle warning): 2 wds.
BAD'-- Medicine' ('88 hit)
SEYMOUR'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman' star
LDOPA* Parkinson's disease medicine

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