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Crossword Answers: Filled-fare
SOFTTACOFilled fare
RAVIOLIFilled fare
TACOFish-filled fare, frequently
SOAPAfternoon TV fare
SOAPOPERAAfternoon TV fare
SOAPSAfternoon TV fare
TALKSHOWAfternoon fare
SKITS"Saturday Night Live" fare
PARODY"Saturday Night Live" fare
TOLLROADS"Fare" ways
HASH"Slung" fare
OUTER"The ___ Limits": sci-fi fare
LIGHTOPERA*Gilbert and Sullivan fare
ANTSAardvark fare
RAFTOFOLDMOVIESActor George... or some cable TV fare
SPIRITAirline with ultralow fares
FEARSDreads fares going up (5)
SENIORSSome may get cheaper fares
EGOTRIPSWhat vanity fares will buy?
RIDEVanity Fare's "Hitchin' a ___"
COUPONCLIPPERShip with reduced fares?
BLESSESSays fares over prude
SEATSARELIMITEDRock-bottom air fares!*
SWAPopular low-fares flier: abbr.
GETSONMounts or fares
METEREDLike most taxi fares
FRONTSEATFares aren't allowed here
SAFERMore reliable way to collect fares (5)
TAXIRANKCharge one standing where fares are collected (4,4)
OUTRANKSOne is higher than the others in base on holiday - they can be easier for picking up fares! (8)
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