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Crossword Answers: Filled-fare
RAVIOLIFilled fare
SOFTTACOFilled fare
THEHOUSEOFGOD"...for the glory of the LORD had filled ___" (2 Chr 5:14)
REC-- center (activity-filled place)
GODELESCHERBACH1980 Pulitzer-winning book filled with wordplay and paradoxes
ANTZ1998 film filled with computer-animated insects
BLACKBATHA soak in an ink-filled tub?
REPLETEAbundantly filled
ANIMEAction-filled Japanese graphics
CAMPSActivity-filled summer getaway places
ROASTAffront-filled banquet
RAFTAir-filled item, maybe
FRANKMURKOWSKIAlaska governor who filled a vacant U.S. Senate seat this year by appointing his own daughter
WOODYWORKAngst-filled movie?
IBOWTOYOUAwe-filled comment
YEARNBe filled with longing
HACKYSACKBean-filled bag moved with the foot
TEEMSBecomes filled to overflowing
FLAGONOFLAGERBeer-filled tankard
ATMBill-filled machine
ATLASBook filled with legends
STATSBox scores are filled with them
ROLOSCaramel-filled candies
ROLOCaramel-filled candy
PASTASCarb-filled dishes
SOAPAfternoon TV fare
SOAPOPERAAfternoon TV fare
SOAPSAfternoon TV fare
TALKSHOWAfternoon fare
SKITS"Saturday Night Live" fare
PARODY"Saturday Night Live" fare
TOLLROADS"Fare" ways
HASH"Slung" fare
OUTER"The ___ Limits": sci-fi fare
LIGHTOPERA*Gilbert and Sullivan fare
ANTSAardvark fare
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