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Crossword Answers: Family-members
KINSFOLKFamily members
UNCLESFamily members
MOBSTERSFamily members
SIBSFamily members
NIECESFamily members
KINFamily members
AUNTSFamily members
DADSFamily members
MAFIOSIFamily members
MASFamily members
PASFamily members
MOMSFamily members
SONSFamily members
MOMMASFamily members
LASTNAMEIt's shared by family members
RELATIVESVersatile building for family members (9)
SEGOSLily family members
ANCESTORSSon traces scattered family members (9)
TANNERSFamily members on "Full House"
UKESLute family members
RELATIONSDealings with family members (9)
SISTERSFamily members with a habit (7)
LEESNoted Virginia family members
AGESVarious numbers among family members
STEPDADSBlended-family members
NANSFamily members, in the U.K.
PRINCESRoyal family members
UNCLEBENDSFamily member's regimen of calisthenics?
DARTERSPerch family members
MYTHREESONS'60s-'70s sitcom whose four original family members were married over the course of the series
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