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Crossword Answers: Family-members
MOMMASFamily members
SONSFamily members
PASFamily members
MASFamily members
MAFIOSIFamily members
DADSFamily members
AUNTSFamily members
KINFamily members
NIECESFamily members
SIBSFamily members
UNCLESFamily members
KINSFOLKFamily members
GENERAFamily members?
PERESFrench family members
FRERESFrench family members
OAKSBeech family members
ALDERSBirch family members
LARKSPURSButtercup family members
INFIGHTINGConflict among family members, e.g.
ELKSDeer family members
CANIDSDog family members
UNKSFamily members (slang)
TYRONESFamily members in "A Long Day's Journey Into Night"
UNCSFamily members, affectionately
PETSFamily members, to many

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