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Crossword Answers: Explosive-1950s-trial
HTESTExplosive 1950s trial
HTETNewsworthy 1950s trial, informally
VOLCANICPotentially explosive
HANDGRENADEExplosive device (4,7)
FIREDAMPExplosive gas
REPORTERExplosive journalist? (8)
POPSExplosive sounds
NUCLEARAn explosive type of reaction (7)
WARHEADExplosive part of a bomb (7)
TAUNTDeride surrounding gold with explosive
EXPOSIt's explosive dropping vile conferences (5)
MIGRAINERiga collapses in explosive headache (8)
HYER"Jezebel" actress on TV: 1950's
GOBEL"Lonesome George" of 1950s TV
IRMA"My Friend ___" (1950s sitcom)
ITNOW"See ___" (1950s TV documentary)
HASTEHurry from a street ringed with high explosive (5)
CHARGECARDPlastic explosive applied to vehicle close to hand (6,4)
TRIDENTFearsome weapon's explosive includes dire cocktail (7)
NUCLEARTESTBANDSRock groups whose concerts are literally explosive?
CHEAPInferior high explosive inserted in detonator (5)
DIVEBOMBERWears a wet suit over key explosive ? presumably he has a death wish! (4-6)
VISTA"Buena ___ Social Club" (1999 movie about 1950s Cuban singers)
IRMAS"My Friend" of 1950's TV and others
CBSNEWS"See It Now" producer of 1950s TV
HIRAM"The Adventures of ___ Holliday" (1950s TV series)
ARSENALSExplosives hoards
CARRYINGCHARGESTransporting explosives?
NITERCompound in some explosives
DETONATESet off, as explosives
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