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Crossword Answers: Explosive-1950s-trial
HTESTExplosive 1950s trial
HTETNewsworthy 1950s trial, informally
ABOMBAlamogordo explosive, briefly
AMATOLAn explosive
TONITEBlasting explosive
TNTBrief explosive
LANDMINEBuried explosive
CHAMBERCombustion ___, explosive engine area
PETARDEarly explosive device
SCENEExhibition of explosive emotion
CRACKSHOTExpert in explosive sounds?
ASUIT"He walked amongst the Trial Men in ___ of shabby grey": Wilde
SCOPES"Monkey Trial" defendant
BELLI"My Life on Trial" author
KAFKA"The Trial" author
KATO"Trial of the Century" figure Kaelin
ITO"Trial of the century" judge
TOSEEK"We plan ___ a new trial..."
NOFURTHEREQUESTRIANS"___, Your Honor" (attorney's comment at a horse trial?)
ATEST'40s Bikini trial
VISTA"Buena ___ Social Club" (1999 movie about 1950s Cuban singers)
HYER"Jezebel" actress on TV: 1950's
GOBEL"Lonesome George" of 1950s TV
IRMA"My Friend ___" (1950s sitcom)
IRMAS"My Friend" of 1950's TV and others
CBSNEWS"See It Now" producer of 1950s TV
ITNOW"See ___" (1950s TV documentary)
HIRAM"The Adventures of ___ Holliday" (1950s TV series)
EARP"The Life and Legend of Wyatt ___" (1950's TV series)
CRENNA"The Real McCoys" co-star of 1950's-60's TV
IGO"___ Pogo" (1950s campaign slogan)
MISTER"___ Sandman" (1950s pop hit)
CEST"___ Si Bon" (1950's song)
STU'The ___ Erwin Show' (1950s program)

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