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Crossword Answers: Explosive-1950s-trial
HTESTExplosive 1950s trial
HTETNewsworthy 1950s trial, informally
MOLOTOVCOCKTAILExplosive drink at Russian party? (7,8)
DEMOBBEDIn action, explosive bomb is discharged (8)
TOURNAMENTGuardian's reputation protected in explosive event (10)
DETERMINEResolve to discourage with explosive device (9)
SNEEZEExplosive expulsion of air (6)
THRUSTSSongbirds with time for explosive lunges (7)
NITREFool about to get explosive (5)
MAROONThe colour of an explosive device (6)
BANGERExplosive sausage?
HEATEDExplosive dissolved before detonator's top fired (6)
HOLENothing left in explosive crater (4)
HYER"Jezebel" actress on TV: 1950's
GOBEL"Lonesome George" of 1950s TV
IRMA"My Friend ___" (1950s sitcom)
IRMAS"My Friend" of 1950's TV and others
CBSNEWS"See It Now" producer of 1950s TV
ITNOW"See ___" (1950s TV documentary)
NOMINEEPerson suggested one gets blown up carrying explosive device (7)
HEWINGExplosive by side of house for process to remove trees? (6)
INFORMINGMining for explosive - that's telling it as it is! (9)
THERMONUCLEARDescription of explosive reaction that could be more than cruel! (6-7)
HASTEHurry from a street ringed with high explosive (5)
VISTA"Buena ___ Social Club" (1999 movie about 1950s Cuban singers)
HIRAM"The Adventures of ___ Holliday" (1950s TV series)
LETTERBOMBSPostal explosives (6,5)
MINELAYERShip equipped to position underwater explosives (9)
ARSENALSExplosives hoards
NITERCompound in some explosives
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