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Crossword Answers: Ex-Yankee-Boyer
CLETEEx-Yankee Boyer
BERRAQuotable ex-Yankee
ANDYEx-Yankee Pettitte
WADEEx-Yankee third baseman Boggs
TINOEx-Yankee Martinez
IRABUEx-Yankee Hideki
RONEx-Yankee Guidry
BOYEREx-Yankee Clete
TORREEx-Yankee (and current Dodger) manager Joe
KLINESActor Kevin and ex-Yankee pitcher
CONEDavid, the ex-Yankee star who signed with the rival Red Sox
MOKOPepe le ___ (Boyer role)
KENSN.L. MVPs Boyer and Caminiti
KENEx-baseballer Boyer
LOVEAFFAIRDunne/Boyer classic of 1939
ALGIERSBoyer/Lamarr film
PEPEBoyer role
GASLIGHTBergman-Boyer classic
ISPARISBURNING1966 Charles Boyer film
ABRAM"The New Yankee Workshop" host Norm
DIMAG"The Yankee Clipper," familiarly
COHAN"The Yankee Doodle Dandy"
MICK"The ___": '50s-'60s Yankee hero
IMA"Yankee Doodle Dandy" beginning
ALLTHISANDBette Davis and Charles Boyer starred in the drama set in 19th century France, ... Heaven Too (3,4,3
TOVARICHClaudette Colbert and Charles Boyer film of 1937

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