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Crossword Answers: Ex-Dolphin-quarterback
MARINOEx-Dolphin quarterback
GAROEx-Dolphin kicker Yepremian
GRIESEOnly Dolphin quarterback to win a Super Bowl
DANLegendary Dolphins quarterback Marino
DANMARINOLong-time Dolphins quarterback
SEASDolphin habitats
PORPOISEMember of dolphin family (8)
JUDD'Dolphin Tale' star Ashley
SUSAGanges River dolphin
NOSEDBottle-___ dolphin
TALEDolphin ___ (Morgan Freeman drama)
INIADolphin genus
AQUATICDolphin descriptor
GRAMPUSBlunt-nosed dolphin
NONAMENotably the '72 Dolphin defense
PECTORALFin on each side of a dolphin or whale
THEWORLDOFICE1860 novel by R.M. Ballantyne set aboard the ship the Dolphin (3,5,2,3)
MOORINGDolphin making low noise around end of breakwater (7)
BLOWHOLENostril of whale or dolphin on the top of its head (8)
TUNAFISHOne of those dolphin friendly types from school (4,4)
THEWORLD1860 novel by R M Ballantyne subtitled The Whaling Cruise of The Dolphin (3,5,2,3)
APARTLike exes
ALIMONIESTender towards one's exes?
DIVORCEESLadies with exes
TEXAS"All My Exes Live in ___"
ALANAOne of Rod Stewart's exes
YOURESOVAINCarly Simon hit purportedly referring to one of her exes
ALGWhere to see a lot of exes?: Abbr.

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