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Crossword Answers: Ex-Dolphin-quarterback
MARINOEx-Dolphin quarterback
GRIESEOnly Dolphin quarterback to win a Super Bowl
GAROEx-Dolphin kicker Yepremian
LADDBoy on a Dolphin star
LORENBoy on a Dolphin star
ORCADolphin family member
ORCDolphin family member
MGM'Green Dolphin Street' studio
THERECry of someone who's spotted a dolphin
MARECurrent Dolphin kicker Olindo ___
PRINCEOFTIDESDolphin dauphin?
SONARDolphin detector
MIAMIANDolphin fan
SECONDGUESSERArmchair quarterback
OTTO'50s quarterback Graham
NAMATH'60s star quarterback
BOOMERESIASON'80s-'90s Bengals quarterback
KOSAR'80s-'90s quarterback Bernie
LAYNE1950s Lions quarterback Bobby
KEMP1960s quarterback turned politician
PHIPPS1970s Cleveland Browns quarterback Mike
ESIASON1980s-'90s Cincinnati quarterback
STEVEActor Martin or quarterback McNair
BRETTActress Butler or quarterback Favre
ASSETArm, for a quarterback
UNITASBaltimore Colts quarterback legend
ANS"(d) none of the above," for ex.
IAM"... Israel, ___ hath sent me unto you" (Ex 3:14)
ENDS"... in the two ___ of the mercy seat" (Ex. 25:18)
CARBUNCLE"... row was a sardius, a topaz, and a ___" (Ex 39:10)
ALAND"... unto ___ flowing with milk and honey" (Ex. 3:8)
ANDTHEFIRERAN"...___ along upon the ground" (Ex. 9:23)
NOR"...___ since thou hast spoken unto thy servant" (Ex 4:10)
MELT"...all the inhabitants of Canaan shall ___ away" (Ex 15:1
PART"...and it shall be thy ___" (Ex. 29:26)
HAIL"...and the LORD sent thunder and ___" (Ex. 9:23)
WAS"...and the bush ___ not consumed" (Ex. 3:2)
EAR"...and wilt give ___ to his commandments" (Ex 15:26)
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