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Crossword Answers: Ex-Dolphin-quarterback
MARINOEx-Dolphin quarterback
GAROEx-Dolphin kicker Yepremian
GRIESEOnly Dolphin quarterback to win a Super Bowl
DANMARINOLong-time Dolphins quarterback
GRAMPUSBlunt-nosed dolphin
NONAMENotably the '72 Dolphin defense
ASHLEYJUDD"Dolphin Tale" co-star
MARINELAND'Dolphin adventure' park in Florida
PUNTSDolphin kicks
COMEUPFORAIRSurface, as a dolphin, say
SPLASHESDolphin show sounds
PRORay or Dolphin, for short
ECOLABEL"Dolphin-safe," for one
AQUA__ and orange (Miami Dolphin team colors)
MYCOLOGYThe study of Fungi the dolphin? Must have something to do with it (8)
THEWHALEArticle on dolphin relates to Moby Dick (3,5)
PETUNIAExercise dolphin friendly fish around one nightshade in garden (7)
OPOFamous dolphin, named after a small bay in the Hokianga Harbour
CSONKADolphin in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
EGGFLIPPERPlay a messy prank on a famous dolphin?
APARTLike exes
ALANAOne of Rod Stewart's exes
RENOWhere exes are made
CHAROOne of Xavier Cugat's exes
WWWWWOne of The Donald's exes
YOURESOVAINCarly Simon hit purportedly referring to one of her exes
ALGWhere to see a lot of exes?: Abbr.

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