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Crossword Answers: Evidence-of-rain
PUDDLEEvidence of rain
SPRINKLELight shower of rain (8)
CLOUDSHarbingers of rain (6)
SPITLight fall of rain
PLUVIALOf rain (7)
FANDevotee, even of rain (3)
SLIGHTVery small, like a chance of rain
PELTOf rain, fall heavily (4)
HAILHard downpour of rain?
PLOPSSounds of rain
NIMBUSType of rain cloud (6)
WEATHERFORECASTCloudy with a chance of rain, e.g.
URANUSThe planet's turn for a bit of rain, and maybe sun
WEATHERMANWe shall get a bit of heat and even bits of rain, according to him (10)
NASTIERLess pleasant to set out in flurry of rain (7)
CLOUDBURSTLots of rain could start to bring rust somehow (10)
LISP"With ___ of leaves and ripple of rain" (Thwinburne) (4)
MISTRALPoor visibility - beginnings of rain and light wind (7)
INCAMERAPrivate advanced in middle of another spell of rain (2,6)
NIRVANALead present in unusual spell of rain - it's blissful (7)
PITTERPATTERSound of rain or tiny feet (6-6)
DUSTINHOFFMANStar of Rain Man and Midnight Cowboy (6,7)
EPITAPHSound of rain at leaving an inscription in what provides the final tribute (7)
IMBUECentral parts of rain-cloud on top of Everest inspire (5)
NOAHThe Hebrew patriarch who saved himself and his family and the animals by building an ark in which th
DNA"CSI" evidence
SPATTER"CSI" evidence
SHRED"Measure" of evidence
IAMLEDTOBELIEVE"The evidence suggests..."
EIS"___ for Evidence"
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