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Crossword Answers: Evidence-of-rain
PUDDLEEvidence of rain
DROPBit of rain
DROPLETBit of rain
DROPSHint of rain
DRYIn need of rain
ARIDIn need of rain
BETSAmount of rain
SLICKERBit of rain gear
MONSOONBringer of rain
CABCalled on account of rain
BRITAINSTORMSCauses of rain in London?
ACIDKind of rain
BULLETHOLEEvidence of a shooting
EXITUNDEvidence of a shooting
FAITH"The evidence of things not seen": Hebrews 11:1
DEISMBelief in God on the evidence of reason
ROREMComposer of the song cycle "Evidence of Things Not Seen"
ERASEDestroy evidence of
BULGEEvidence of a concealed weapon, maybe
SHINEREvidence of a fight
ARMINTHESHOTEvidence of a passer-by in a photo?
CROWNPRINTSEvidence of a royal thief?
VIPERTRAILEvidence of a snake's passage?
WAKEEvidence of a tornado's path
ERASUREEvidence of a written error
STUBEvidence of admission
NOR"... snow, ___ rain..."
ELIOT"... stirring dull roots with spring rain" writer T. S.
ORIN"... thunder, lightning ___ rain?": "Macbeth"
ASH"...he planteth an ___, and the rain doth nourish it" (Isa
ENYA"A Day Without Rain" artist
CROCE"Alabama Rain" singer
DOIS"All I ___ Dream of You" ("Singin' in the Rain")
ITON"Blame ___ the Rain"
WILLIENELSON"Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" singer (1975)
TAYZONDAY"Chocolate Rain" singer
ARLEN"Come Rain or Come Shine" composer Harold

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