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Crossword Answers: Evidence-of-rain
PUDDLEEvidence of rain
DELAYSResults of rain, at times
SPOTDrop of rain
DOWNPOURHeavy fall of rain (8)
DROUGHTProlonged absence of rain
SHOWERBrief fall of rain
SPRINKLINGSmall amount of rain
PCTSChance-of-rain nos.
SHEETSTorrents, as of rain
HOFFMANDustin of "Rain Man"
INDRAVedic god of rain and thunder
CABSThey're called on account of rain
DEADThe Grateful ___ ("Box of Rain" band)
PITAPATSound of rain on a roof
TROPICALReminiscent of rain forests
APRILSPeriods of rain, often
CLOUDPossibly could be a source of rain (5)
EVERY"I believe for ... drop of rain that falls, a flower grows; I believe that somewhere in the darkest
ANIMALHUSBANDRYSome farming can be brutal -- with onset of rain disrupting better half year (6,9)
SHESTim McGraw hit "___ My Kind of Rain"
DESERTArid land receiving less than 250mm of rain per year
KAUAIIsland known for having "the wettest spot on Earth" (450+" of rain per year)
FAIRWith no prospect of rain, snow or hail
DELAYResult of rain at a baseball game, perhaps
DNA"CSI" evidence
SPATTER"CSI" evidence
SHRED"Measure" of evidence
IAMLEDTOBELIEVE"The evidence suggests..."
EIS"___ for Evidence"
EXCEPT"All weddings, ___ those with shotguns in evidence, are wonderful." (Liz Smith)
GLOVE"If it doesn't fit, you must acquit" evidence
FAITH"The evidence of things not seen": Hebrews 11:1
SARINNerve gas - rains (anag) (5)
ENYA"Trains and Winter Rains" singer, 2008
TEAPOTIt never rains but it pours
IRISPlant emerges, when it rains regularly (4)
HEAVEN"Every time it rains, it rains pennies from ...," sang Billie Holiday
SARDINIANSRains and is most upsetting to foreigners (10)
MUDSLIDEDim duels (anag) - natural hazard after heavy rains (8)
USUALIn Casablanca Claude Rains said, "Major Strasser has been shot. Round up the ... suspects"
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