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Crossword Answers: Eucharist-holder
PATENEucharist holder
DISKEucharist wafer, e.g.
ALTAREucharist spot
PATENSEucharist plates
CHALICEEucharist need
WAFERSEucharist disks
CHALICESEucharist cups
BURSEEucharist container
WAFEREucharist bread
PYXEucharist box
MASSCelebration of the Eucharist
ERGO"Tantum ___" (part of a Eucharist hymn)
YARDSAle holders
FLAGONSAle holders
TANKARDSAle holders
ASSTS"Coat holders": abbr.
MIGRATES1,001 log holders
DRSAdvanced deg. holders
RAZORSOFTHELOSTARK1981 thriller about bygone blade holders?
ABLT"I ordered a ___!" (club-holder's diner complaint)

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