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Crossword Answers: Ethiopian-region
OGADENEthiopian region
BLUENILEEthiopian river
OMOEthiopian river
OPALEthiopian export
NEGUSAn important Ethiopian drink (5)
MEMNONEthiopian king slain by Achilles
ELANDEthiopian grazer
WOLDEEthiopian marathoner Mamo
ITALO___-Ethiopian War, 1935-36
ABABAWord on an Ethiopian map
ADDISHalf the Ethiopian capital
OROMOEthiopian tribe
IMIEthiopian town
HARAREthiopian province
AIDAEthiopian of opera
RASEthiopian noble
SOMALISEthiopian neighbors
BIRREthiopian monetary unit
AMHARICEthiopian language works a charm around island (7)
HAILESELASSIEA member of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, this last emperor of Ethiopia never accepted the status o
EMPEROROfficial title of former Ethiopian leader Haile Selassie
MOLERATSEthiopian & Kenya are home to these blind burrowing rodents which live in groups underground (4,4)
ABEBEEthiopian Olympian who famously ran the marathon barefoot, ... Bikila
LIVEAID1985 multi-venue charity concert for Ethiopian famine
SHERPAPerson from Nepal's most mountainous regions
SYLVASForested regions
TAIGAForests in cold regions
CAMELCud-chewing mammal of desert regions that can survive long periods without food or water (5)
SPEEDTRAPGreatly involved in region's backing for road safety measure
BRENTThe ___ goose, Branta bernicla, is found in northern coastal regions (5)
BALLADLANDSRegions where Sinatra and Bennett are popular?
ORCHIDISTSFlower-fanciers ogre clobbers around nether regions (10)
GENTIANPlant of temperate mountainous regions with blue, yellow, white or red trumpet-shaped flowers (7)
AGAMAGenus of small terrestrial lizards that inhabit warm regions of the Old World (5)
RAINIESTLike the Southeast, vis-a-vis other U.S. regions
NEAREASTRegion's captured by ten warring countries (4,4)
ALPINECapone to pine for mountainous regions (6)
TONYBLAIRFormer British PM who became a Middle East envoy for the United Nations in the search for a peaceful
MUGWORTHerbaceous perennial plant of the daisy family native to north temperate regions (7)
ICECAPSOne predicted hazard of climate change is the melting of these polar regions (3,4)
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