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Crossword Answers: Ethiopian-region
OGADENEthiopian region
BLUENILEEthiopian river
OMOEthiopian river
HAILEBig name in Ethiopian history
ADDISABABAEthiopian capital
SELASSIEEthiopian emperor
TSANAEthiopian lake
TANAEthiopian lake (Blue Nile source)
BIRREthiopian monetary unit
SOMALISEthiopian neighbors
RASEthiopian noble
AIDAEthiopian of opera
HARAREthiopian province
IMIEthiopian town
OROMOEthiopian tribe
ADDISHalf the Ethiopian capital
BORDERLINECASEAmbiguous region
DREAMWORLDAmbiguous region
GRAYAREAAmbiguous region
NIGHTMAREWORLDAmbiguous region
TWILIGHTZONEAmbiguous region
TIROLAlpine region
TYROLAlpine region
ILLYRIAAncient Balkan Peninsula region
THRACEAncient Balkan Peninsula region
OCEANIA"1984" region
ARTOIS'Well'-named region of France
GRENACHEA popular red grape in the Languedoc-Roussillon region
ANDESAconcagua region
DALMATIAAdriatic Sea region
IONIAAegean Sea region
BORAAfghanistan's Tora ___ region
GUINEAAfrican coastal region
AEOLIAAncient Asia Minor coastal region
ATTICAAncient Athenia region

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