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Crossword Answers: Ethiopian-region
OGADENEthiopian region
OMOEthiopian river
BLUENILEEthiopian river
COPTEthiopian Christian
HATCHETAxe plot with Ethiopian leaders (7)
EVENTEthiopian leader opening tournament (5)
OPALEthiopian export
MEMNONEthiopian king slain by Achilles
ELANDEthiopian grazer
WOLDEEthiopian marathoner Mamo
ITALO___-Ethiopian War, 1935-36
ABABAWord on an Ethiopian map
ADDISHalf the Ethiopian capital
OROMOEthiopian tribe
IMIEthiopian town
ABYSSINIANOld Ethiopian out of depth with one northern Scotsman (10)
CANDACEEthiopian queen is able to fish (7)
EVENTINGEthiopian leader giving voice in Olympic competition (8)
AMHARICEthiopian language works a charm around island (7)
HAILESELASSIEA member of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, this last emperor of Ethiopia never accepted the status o
EMPEROROfficial title of former Ethiopian leader Haile Selassie
MOLERATSEthiopian & Kenya are home to these blind burrowing rodents which live in groups underground (4,4)
ABEBEEthiopian Olympian who famously ran the marathon barefoot, ... Bikila
LIVEAID1985 multi-venue charity concert for Ethiopian famine
LITORALSShore regions: var.
FLORARegion's vegetable species
REALActual region's miles off (4)
ENCLAVESIsolated regions
ETRURIAOld region's old city in a rite, dancing (7)
STRAPLESSBackward regions taking off, though lacking some support (9)
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