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Crossword Answers: Equestrian-talent-show
AMERICANBRIDLEEquestrian talent show?
AMATEURHOURHANDStage worker at a talent show?
PANELISTTalent show judge, often
IWILL"Priscilla" talent show, ... ... Survive (1,4)
SALMONCOWELLFishy TV talent show judge?
THE"___ Voice" (NBC talent show)
RATEBe a judge on a talent show
PANELGroup of judges on a talent show
ABDULTalent show judge alongside Jackson and Cowell
SYTYCDTalent show Cat Deeley hosts [acronym]
XFACTORTV talent show (1,6)
WEBPAGEANTSpiders' talent show?
ACTTalent show entrant
ACTSTalent show lineup
TEDTalent show emcee Mack
NEW'70s talent show judged by Bernard King, ... Faces (3)
SURVIVETalent show judged by Jason Donovan, I Will ... (7)
KNOCKSOpportunity --; talent show originally hosted by Hughie Green (6)
THEVOICETalent show hosted by Darren McMullen and Sonia Kruger (3,5)
THEXFACTORITV talent show whose first winner was Steve Brookstein in 2004 (3,1,6)
NICKCANNONCut a talent show host while giving him a shave?
AMERICANIDOLTop-ranked Fox talent show, and this puzzle's theme
LEONA___ Lewis, 2006 winner on U.K. talent show "The X Factor"
REDWHITEANDBOOThree words describing the horrible "Dancing Santa" act in the talent show?
HORSEMANSHIPEquestrian skill (12)
SADDLERMaker of equestrian equipment (7)
RIDINGHABITEquestrian woman"s dress (6-5)
THREEDAYEVENTEquestrian competition (5-3,5)
ETNAMount held back by reluctant equestrian (4)
FLATEquestrian event boring people (4,4)
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