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Crossword Answers: Equestrian-talent-show
AMERICANBRIDLEEquestrian talent show?
IDOL"Canadian ___" (talent show)
STARSEARCH1980s-'90s talent show, and what you need to do to find this puzzle's theme
GONGBad news at a talent show
TEDTalent show emcee Mack
REDWHITEANDBOOThree words describing the horrible "Dancing Santa" act in the talent show?
LEONA___ Lewis, 2006 winner on U.K. talent show "The X Factor"
BREEDERSCUPAnnual equestrian seven-race event
GYMKHANAAthletic-sounding series of equestrian events
RIDINGEquestrian activity
REINHABITEquestrian addiction?
SADDLESOREEquestrian affliction
HORSESEquestrian beasts
DRESSAGEEquestrian competition
RIDINGCROPEquestrian equiment
CROPEquestrian equipment
ICMBig Hollywood talent agcy.
CAABig Hollywood talent reps.
LESLIEUGGAMSBroadway actress/singer discovered on Arthur Godfrey's TV show "Talent Scouts"
THRIFTBudgeter's talent
ESPClairvoyant's talent
GIFTOFGABLEClark's dramatic talent?
TACTDiplomat's talent
ENDOWEDEquipped, as with talent
PHENOMExtraordinary talent, for short

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