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Crossword Answers: Equestrian-talent-show
AMERICANBRIDLEEquestrian talent show?
XFACTORTV talent show (1,6)
WEBPAGEANTSpiders' talent show?
ACTTalent show entrant
NICKCANNONCut a talent show host while giving him a shave?
AMERICANIDOLTop-ranked Fox talent show, and this puzzle's theme
ACTSTalent show lineup
LEONA___ Lewis, 2006 winner on U.K. talent show "The X Factor"
REDWHITEANDBOOThree words describing the horrible "Dancing Santa" act in the talent show?
TEDTalent show emcee Mack
GONGBad news at a talent show
STARSEARCH1980s-'90s talent show, and what you need to do to find this puzzle's theme
IDOL"Canadian ___" (talent show)
HANDFour inches, to an equestrian
THREEEquestrian competition, ... day event
BYRNETACKMusician David's equestrian accouterments?
REINEquestrian restraint
SHOWJUMPERSkilled equestrian
RUMMAGESADDLEOld equestrian gear found in the attic?
LADYGODIVALong-haired equestrian
REINSEquestrian tools
HORSYFor the equestrian set
MARQUISDESADDLEEquestrian nobleman?
CLIPCLOPCLAPBit of applause for an equestrian event?
CLOPSound heard at equestrian events
BRIDLEBOUTIQUEWhere to buy equestrian equipment?
SCOUTMASTERTonto's equestrian role?
CANTERRequest of an equestrian
CLIPCLOPBOARDPortable writing surface for an equestrian?

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