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Enter a Crossword Clue
# of Letters or Pattern
Crossword Answers: Enter-again
REKEYEnter again
RETYPEEnter again
RELOGEnter again
REKEYSEnters again, as data
RETYPESEnters again
LEE"Enter the Dragon" star
BRUCELEE"Enter the Dragon" star
ONIN"Come ___!" ("Enter!")
NOT"Do ___ Enter"
JOANRIVERS"Enter Talking" autobiographer, 1986
COMEIN"Enter": 2 wds.
DONOT"___ Enter"
ATARI'Enter the Matrix' game company
DANTE"All hope abandon, ye who enter here!" penner
ONEWAY"Do Not Enter" relative
INTO"For we which have believed do enter ___ rest" (Heb 4:3)
LESTI"Let none enter, ___ break your pate" (Comedy of Errors)
INTRUDEROne who enters without invitation
SKOLSun King enters to cheers (4)
LOUISALook, one who enters the States is a lady
LEAKAGESomething that enters or escapes through a leak (7)
INTROITHymn: keen on it when Rector enters
MONUMENTIn a tick Greek character enters cenotaph
ABNORMALIrregular state of little workroom when Norma enters (8)
MARILYNName mainly used when king enters (7)
QUINOASignior regularly enters as food favoured by 8? (6)
RACECOURSEChampion enters run with starter, perhaps, here (10)
MEGALOMANIACOne power-hungry Arab enters a new calm age (12)

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