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Crossword Answers: Enter-again
RELOGEnter again
RETYPEEnter again
REKEYEnter again
TERRAPINFirst photographer to enter terrain of freshwater turtle (8)
ABANDONDante's line from The Divine Comedy, '... all hope, ye who enter here!'
DEBITEnter sum owed
VISAStamp in your passport allowing you to enter a country (4)
ANGLOGo Salmond in tatters! Alex gutted "” no backing to enter race (5-8)
PENICILLINEnter tentatively; one left, entering separately for medical course? (10)
DIARISEEnter in a daybook
DOORYou open this to enter a room (4)
CHARTERISLeslie ___, author of the story collections Enter the Saint and The Brighter Buccaneer (9)
FLIPONESLIDGo crazy ... or a hint on how to enter five answers in this puzzle
FORTRESSESThey're not easy to enter because of the locks (10)
PREENWriter about to enter and dress up (5)
REPULSEBack up to enter river, otherwise drive back (7)
MOUNTEBANKAnyone can come to enter card game with inclination for fraud (10)
ELVISIncomplete permission to enter for Felipe, the king (5)
HELIPADNerve required to enter place housing choppers? That's here (7)
SPICKANDSPANChoose to enter beach's basin "” it's well kept (5,3,4)
COLERIDGESamuel, free to enter university, left out (9)
COUGHUPPay almost anything to enter competition (5,2)
SCREWOne turning to enter?
SAVEOPPORTUNITYWhen Mariano Rivera heard "Enter Sandman"
RUNONIN"Enter quickly!"
LUREINSlyly get one to enter
HILUMArea where blood vessels enter an organ

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