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Enter a Crossword Clue
# of Letters or Pattern
Crossword Answers: Enter-again
RELOGEnter again
RETYPEEnter again
REKEYEnter again
REKEYSEnters again, as data
RETYPESEnters again
FRIDAYWhen I'd enter the fight
NEARESTPerhaps enter as least distant (7)
AGREEMENTEnter game play, making contract (9)
STAGEDIRECTIONS"Enter" and "left"
EVILE"Enter the Grave" thrash band
DETOXUsers may enter it
ABODEDo return to enter Lincoln residence
INTERSTELLAREnter ill star (anag) (12)
IRRUPTEnter forcibly and suddenly (6)
INTROITShort prayer or hymn at the beginning of Mass as the celebrant and ministers enter the church
AEROBICOld boy and I enter new race relying on oxygen (7)
EMDENGerman port is a perfect place for many to enter
CARRIAGEVehicle arrived before lunchtime maybe to enter prison (8)
BOOTand 24: Big name in oil, perhaps Aberdonian, too uppity to enter military unit (4,4)
SHAMMARRIAGESPeople sometimes enter into them for green cards
AFTERIn pursuit of a fox? Enter without oxen (5)
JAGUARAnimal keeper has no way to enter vessel (6)
SPACEAGEWise step to enter modern era (5,3)
VISASThey allow bearers to enter a country (5)
NUMERALFigure one doesn't enter a mile run out of shape (7)
CONVINCEDPersuaded Cable to enter Conservative deal initially (9)
WAVINGINInviting to enter with a hand motion
LOOSEAbandoned ship's first to enter West Country town (5)
RACINEFrench dramatist elected to enter competition (6)
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