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Crossword Answers: English-jelly-fruit
SLOEEnglish jelly fruit
GUAVAJelly fruit
GRAPEJelly fruit
QUINCEJelly fruit
OBEYGreen Jelly "___ the Cowgod"
MORTONSJoe and Jelly Roll
GELEEJelly: French
SPICEJelly topped with drug brings excitement (5)
WINEGUMType of jelly-like sweet (4,3)
GELATINColourless protein - edible jelly (7)
EXPLOSIVELike jelly in pineapple? (9)
WOBBLEMove unsteadily (like a jelly?) (6)
CUDGELOne's used to batter, well-chewed food and jelly (6)
ISINGLASSGin is upsetting to girl, becomes jelly! (9)
COGWHEELForce in ox foot jelly with teeth (8)
COWHEELTo ride tandem one can get stewed to a jelly (7)
SETSQUARELike jelly? 4, perhaps, for triangular plate (3,6)
RAGAMUFFINBring back jelly roll for street kid (10)
JEERScoff jelly first, then beer with no head (4)
BAGELA couple of bananas, jelly and a bread roll (5)
DAMSONSJam fruits (7)
ACKEESJamaica's national fruits
CRANBERRIESSmall red fruits
SALADCold dish of vegetables or fruits (5)
SEEDLESSGRAPEVenus, Mars or Saturn, in the world of fruits
CAJOLECottage garden perennial herb traditionally grown as part of a potager near a kitchen door, used to
SEDATESCalms last two geese with palm fruits (7)

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