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Crossword Answers: English-jelly-fruit
SLOEEnglish jelly fruit
GRAPEJelly fruit
QUINCEJelly fruit
GUAVAJelly fruit
TRIFLESJelly/sponge desserts
GELHair-setting jelly
BEANGreen or jelly
SMEARApply liberally, as jelly
GUMDROPType of jelly sweet (7)
GELATINEClear substance used in jelly (8)
REAGANUS president renowned for his jelly beans
SKIPPINGROPEMissing cord for Jelly on the Plate (8,4)
THROWAWOBBLYCast for a jelly? That's the same as a tantrum (5,1,6)
ELDERBERRYIt's old hat say to make jelly with this (10)
SKIPPERDo this to the tune of jelly on the plate for captain (7)
BOUNCYCASTLESounds like residence made with royal jelly for young queen bee for her birthday perhaps (6,6)
TURKISHDELIGHTJelly-like sweet coated with icing sugar (7,7)
OCONNORFrank ___, author of 1944 story collection Crab Apple Jelly (7)
ANJOUPuree used for a Jelly Belly flavor
PRUNESDried fruits containing vitamin A
TUTTIFRUTTIPreserve of chopped mixed fruits
ACORNSFruits of the oak (6)
HACKBERRYTree of the elm family such as the American - with edible cherry-like fruits (9)
BURDOCKWeedy Eurasian plant of the daisy family with large heart-shaped leaves and prickly fruits (7)
HOTDATESMeeting girlfriends in greenhouse perhaps with fruits just out of oven (3,5)
SALADSCold dishes of vegetables or fruits (6)
DURIANSSoutheast Asian fruits with large, thick spines

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