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Crossword Answers: English-jelly-fruit
SLOEEnglish jelly fruit
GRAPEJelly fruit
QUINCEJelly fruit
GUAVAJelly fruit
ROYALThe boys like jelly! (5)
SMEARSSlaps on, as jelly
BOWL' a ___ full of jelly'
TRIFLESJelly/sponge desserts
SMEARApply liberally, as jelly
REAGANUS president renowned for his jelly beans
GUMDROPType of jelly sweet (7)
GELATINEClear substance used in jelly (8)
TEA"I like Aeroplane jelly; Aeroplane jelly for me; "I like it for dinner, I like it for ...; A little
BLOBSoft jelly-like mass in the iconic 1958 sci-fi/horror film
ROCKYUnstable boy knocked back a sort of jelly (5)
JAMUP"___ and Jelly Tight" (1969 Tommy Roe hit)
TEAGARDENYouth having jelly with daughter in outdoor restaurant (3,6)
SKIPPINGROPEMissing cord for Jelly on the Plate (8,4)
THROWAWOBBLYCast for a jelly? That's the same as a tantrum (5,1,6)
ELDERBERRYIt's old hat say to make jelly with this (10)
SASKATOON___ Berries (Canadian fruits)
BILBERRYShrub with edible fruits (8)
OJSBreakfast drinks made from citrus fruits: Abbr.
SAGUAROGiant cactus with edible red pulpy fruits (7)
YARDOFALEthat which is already brewed with infusion of old fruits initially (4,2,3)
CLEAVERSEurasian plant also called goosegrass with small white flowers and prickly fruits (8)
POMELOLargest of the citrus fruits, also called shaddock (6)
APRICOTRosaceous tree, Prunus armeniaca, cultivated for its yellow edible fruits (7)
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