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Crossword Answers: English-jelly-fruit
SLOEEnglish jelly fruit
GRAPEJelly fruit
GUAVAJelly fruit
QUINCEJelly fruit
ROE"Jam Up Jelly Tight" singer Tommy
IMEAN"See what ___, jelly bean?"
PEANUT"___ Butter & Jelly" (Beastie Boys)
EACH"___ Day" (Jelly Roll Morton tune)
ALA"___ peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!" (The Amazing Mumford line on "Sesame Street")
DONUT21 Jelly ___
NAPALMBomb jelly
VASELINEBrand of petroleum jelly
STERNOCamper's jelly
ASPICClear jelly
SAIDASPICCorrectly answered 'What do you call a savory jelly?'
TREE"For every ___ is known by his own fruit" (Luke 6:44)
WILLROGERS"Go out on a limb... that's where the fruit is" source
LOTUS"Odyssey" fruit
ANOTHER"Tempted by the fruit of ___..."
BEANS"The musical fruit"
ARP"Torso Fruit" sculptor
LEMON"Twist" fruit
UGLI"Unattractive" Jamaican fruit
THEMIRANDADECISION"You have the right to wear fruit on your head..."
NECTAR+Fruit juice
CALAMONDIN+Tangerinelike Philippine fruit
PRETTYSMILE... a romantic fruit vendor swapped limes for just a ___
ONON"... ___, you noblest English!": "Henry V"
ITSME"C'est moi," in English
OPERA"Dido and Aeneas," for an early English example
BEDE"Ecclesiastical History of the English People" author
BACH"English Suites" composer
MUFFINS"English" breakfast treats
OUSE"Great" English river
ANELM"I can't ask ___ tree to bear pears" (Shakira line, in English)
ROWANATKINSON"Johnny English" star
SOUTHEYWOOD"Madoc"/"The English Traveller" authors
NOUN"Proper" thing in English class
IAM"Sum," in English
JOHNSELDEN"Table Talk" English jurist
DORS"The English Marilyn Monroe" Diana

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