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Crossword Answers: English-jelly-fruit
SLOEEnglish jelly fruit
GRAPEJelly fruit
GUAVAJelly fruit
QUINCEJelly fruit
ROE"Jam Up Jelly Tight" singer Tommy
IMEAN"See what ___, jelly bean?"
PEANUT"___ Butter & Jelly" (Beastie Boys)
EACH"___ Day" (Jelly Roll Morton tune)
ALA"___ peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!" (The Amazing Mumford line on "Sesame Street")
DONUT21 Jelly ___
NAPALMBomb jelly
VASELINEBrand of petroleum jelly
STERNOCamper's jelly
ASPICClear jelly
SAIDASPICCorrectly answered 'What do you call a savory jelly?'

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