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Crossword Answers: End-of-song-feature
FADEEnd-of-song feature
FADESEnd-of-song studio techniques
HOOKHit song feature
MELODYSong feature
LEROY"Bad, Bad" Brown of song
MALONE"Cockles and mussles" crier of song
ELLA"First Lady of Song"
WEREOFF"First Lady of Song," familiarly
PAREE"Gay" city of song
ALOUETTE"Gentille" lark of song
IRENE"Good Night" girl of song
IMAT" ___ the end of my rope"
OTIS"... potato pan, ___" (end of a palindrome)
STEPINTOTHERING"And although he's tired at the end of the day, Gov. Ventura will be ready to ___ again tomorrow for
ATHER"And silence ___ end of the street"--T.S. Eliot
SUMMER"End of ___" (S. N. Behrman play)
DROPIT"End of discussion!"
THATSTHAT"End of discussion"
PERIOD"End of story!"

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