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Crossword Answers: End-of-song-feature
FADEEnd-of-song feature
FADESEnd-of-song studio techniques
PONGYHumming end of song through a small glass (5)
AGIRLEnd of song titles starting "About" and "I Kissed"
MAKEAFUSSOVERCreate a big thing out of finish at the end of song and dance (4,1,4,4)
MELODYSong feature
HOOKHit song feature
LEROY"Bad, Bad" Brown of song
MALONE"Cockles and mussles" crier of song
ELLA"First Lady of Song"
WEREOFF"First Lady of Song," familiarly
PAREE"Gay" city of song
ALOUETTE"Gentille" lark of song
SAMPLESRap song features, often
VERSUSAgainst parts of songs, we hear (6)
REPERTOIRESinger's stock of songs (10)
SINGERPerformer of songs (6)
CHEVALIEREntertainer and German PoW escapee who is noted for his versions of songs including Louise and Valen
AGATESBarman gets a list of songs back from The Stones (6)
AUVERGNESongs from the ___, a collection of songs arranged for soprano and orchestra or piano by Joseph Cant
SPIRITUAL"Song of Songs" initially associated with religious ceremonies (9)
NPR"All Songs Considered" airer
CRAZYFROG"Axel F" ringtone character on's "Top 10 Most Annoying Pop Songs of 2005"

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