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Crossword Answers: End-of-many-a-riddle
AMIEnd of many a riddle
WHOAMIEnd of many a riddle
WHATAMIEnd of many a riddle
VOTEEnd of many a race
SPURTEnd of many a race
COMEnd of many a URL
CODAEnd of many a classical piece
OLOGYEnd of many a college major
AGOGOEnd of many 60's dance club names
USORGEnd of many Amer. web addresses
STADEnd of many Dutch town names
CIEEnd of many French company names
OFOZEnd of many L. Frank Baum titles
COMO'50s-'60s singer of many a request
MOMAddressee of many a request
USMAAlma mater of many a genl.
AESOPAuthor of many a moral
OGREBeast of many a fairy tale
OGODBeginning of many a prayer
THEBeginning of many a title
ACOAT"... ___ of many colors"
RUSHING" the ___ of many water": Isa. 17:13
ANON"Author" of many quotations
ELLERYQUEEN"Cat of Many Tails" author
PARTON"Coat of Many Colors" singer
JOSEPH"Coat of many colors" wearer
RETAbbr. after many a general's name
RETDAbbr. after many a general's name
TWIXT"...many a slip ___..."
AGO"It was many and many a year ___..." ("Annabel Lee")
ITWAS"___ many and many a year...": Poe

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