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Crossword Answers: Eliza's-tutor,-to-Eliza
ENRYEliza's tutor, to Eliza
ANNATutor to a king
GENTHiggins, to Eliza
ELPAssist, to Eliza Doolittle
STOWEEliza's creator
HENRYEliza's mentor
ICEEliza's river transportation
PAULSIMONLEGREEPop singer and Eliza's pursuer
ELLOEliza's greeting
SHANKARA Beatles tutor
ARISTOTLEAlexander the Great's tutor
STAGCOACHDateless tutor? (or carriage missing a piece)
SENECANero's tutor
STUDENTEliza Doolittle, for one
TUTEEEliza Doolittle, for one
COCKNEYACCENTEliza Doolittle had one
GALATEAEliza Doolittle's mythical counterpart
JULIEEliza portrayer

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