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Crossword Answers: Eliza's-tutor,-to-Eliza
ENRYEliza's tutor, to Eliza
SENECATutor to Nero
ANNATutor to a king
STERNE"Journal to Eliza" author
EELCommand to Eliza Doolittle's dog?
TUTORHenry Higgins, to Eliza
GENTHiggins, to Eliza
ELPAssist, to Eliza Doolittle
ARISTOTLEGreek philosopher who was tutor to the young Alexander the Great
SPAINCountry in which the rain stays mainly on the plain (according to Eliza Doolittle)
PAULSIMONLEGREEPop singer and Eliza's pursuer
ICEEliza's river transportation
HENRYEliza's mentor
AWHOPPERIn My Fair Lady, Eliza's dad sang, "Pull out the stopper! Let's have ...! But get me to the church o
DOOLITTLEEliza's surname in the 50s stage musical, My Fair Lady
ALFREDDOOLITTLEEliza's dad in My Fair Lady, played on stage and screen by Stanley Holloway (6,9)
MYWINGSIn My Fair Lady, Eliza Doolittle sings, "I could have spread ...; And done a thousand things; I've n
TUTEETutor's student
OUTSMARTSGets the better of tutors Sam used (9)
DONSOxford tutors
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