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Crossword Answers: Eliza's-tutor,-to-Eliza
ENRYEliza's tutor, to Eliza
ANNATutor to a king
EELCommand to Eliza Doolittle's dog?
TUTORHenry Higgins, to Eliza
GENTHiggins, to Eliza
ELPAssist, to Eliza Doolittle
ELLOEliza's greeting
PAULSIMONLEGREEPop singer and Eliza's pursuer
ICEEliza's river transportation
HENRYEliza's mentor
STOWEEliza's creator
SAVALONOne in need of a tutor
LIVYTutor of Claudius
BRING2000 film comedy starring Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku (5,2,2)
MULATTOEliza in "Uncle Tom's Cabin," e.g.
EASTENDPart of London where Eliza Doolittle is from
TRU"__ Calling": 2000s Eliza Dushku TV series

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