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Crossword Answers: Egyptian-pictograph
GLYPHEgyptian pictograph
CAVEPictograph place, perhaps
ICONPC pictograph
POUNDEgyptian monetary unit
SUNRAJazz great named after an Egyptian god
DURABLEPersistent Egyptian god breaks twice as much, having no oxygen (7)
ENNEADSet of nine persons or things such as the ___ of Heliopolis in Egyptian mythology (6)
ELOBEIDCity in central Sudan; scene of the defeat of a British and Egyptian army by the Mahdi in 1883 (2,5)
SINAIDESERTEgyptian expanse
EDGESEgyptian pyramid's eight
CLEOPATRAAncient Egyptian queen
ISLAMISTFormer Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, for one
SACREDIBISEgyptian subject of veneration
ASWANDAMEgyptian river-control structure
BANGLES"Walk Like an Egyptian" band, with "the"
SENETBoard game found in Egyptian tombs
RICKYPAINTSSADATLucy's hubby creates a portrait of an Egyptian Nobelist?
FAROEgyptian ruler's favorite gambling game?
NILEDELTAEgyptian region where Alexandria is located
NEFERTITIEgyptian icon
RAEgyptian god
DYNASTYOne of an Egyptian 30

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