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Crossword Answers: Egyptian-pictograph
GLYPHEgyptian pictograph
ICONPC pictograph
CAVEPictograph place, perhaps
PHARAOHAncient Egyptian king
RAMESESAncient Egyptian king
RAMSESAncient Egyptian king
PTOLEMYAncient Egyptian ruler
CHRISISAAK"Wicked Game" singer hiding an Egyptian goddess
SADAT'70s Egyptian leader
FAROUK1930's-50's Egyptian king
ELALAMEIN1942 Egyptian battle site
NASSER1950s Egyptian VIP
SAITEAn ancient Egyptian
COPTAncient Egyptian
SCARABAncient Egyptian amulet
SCARABSAncient Egyptian amulets
STEPPYRAMIDAncient Egyptian burial chamber, as that built for King Djoser: 2 wds.
TANISAncient Egyptian city
MEDINOAncient Egyptian coin
ASPAncient Egyptian emblem
ASPSAncient Egyptian emblems
AMENRAAncient Egyptian god
ISISAncient Egyptian goddess
THEROSETTASTONEAncient Egyptian key

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