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Crossword Answers: Egg-hunting-time-in-the-Orient
EASTERNEASTEREgg-hunting time in the Orient?
EASTEREgg-hunting time
EASTTeas blended in the Orient?
NECTARINEFruit providing a delicious beverage in the orient (9)
EASEMENTRelief afforded by two measures in the Orient (8)
CATHERINEName for a pet (female) in the Orient (9)
FAREASTPayment for travel as tour begins in the Orient (3,4)
EASTOFSUEZSeat of Zeus is re-established in the orient
SOYSauce on many dishes in the Orient
TAOWay in the Orient
AMAHSNurses in the Orient
AMAHNurse in the Orient
TWOSTerrible time in the nursery, they say
AGOA long time ..., in the past (3)
LATERONAt a time in the future (5,2)
ASININESeen as a fault in the Orient - and stupid (7)
EASIESTSuperlatively relaxed - that is the point in the Orient
NABOBName formerly given to a European who made a fortune in the Orient (5)
PIPESNot stoned in the Orient with small hookahs (5)
SOYABEANSeana and the boy get their protein in the Orient (4,4)
SEMOLINADoctor, dressing for his job, has no time in the main for afters (8)
THELASTLAUGHHave the final say with one of those at closing time in the Laughter Lounge (3,4,5)
UPONADirector Sergio Leone's epic spaghetti Western, Once ... Time In The West (4,1)
UPONOnce ___ a time: at some vague time in the past?
OLDENIn past times, in the ... days
DARKAGESNight times in the dim and distant past (4,4)
EONSLong times in the onslaught (4)
RETRIEVERDAYSFormal hot times in the summer?
AFTSTimes in the p.m.
ETESHot times in the citae
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