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Crossword Answers: Egg-hunting-time-in-the-Orient
EASTERNEASTEREgg-hunting time in the Orient?
EASTEREgg-hunting time
SOYSauce on many dishes in the Orient
TAOWay in the Orient
AMAHSNurses in the Orient
AMAHNurse in the Orient
WEST"Once Upon a Time in the ____"
MENAGEChaps take a long time in the household
STALLWhere to play for time in the market? (5)
DEMONEvil spirit seen for a short time in the study
ERENOWBefore this time in the past
MEANTIMEAverage length of time in the interval (8)
INTHESAMEBREATHAt the same time in the identical air (2,3,4,6)
NABOBName formerly given to a European who made a fortune in the Orient (5)
PIPESNot stoned in the Orient with small hookahs (5)
SOYABEANSeana and the boy get their protein in the Orient (4,4)
NETWORKTime in the city, year off to make business contacts (7)
ARAINYDAYWise advice to save money for a time in the future when it may be needed, save for ... (1,5,3)
ALPHA__ Time Zone (one hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time, in the military)
ASSEMBLYLINEBar diet to begin with, produces the same results time after time in the factory (8,4)
OCLOCKOscar has all the time in the world as it's always on the hour (1'5)
SPACEAGEWise guy admits it's slow and steady for time in the future, by Jupiter (5,3)
MADAMEWoman from Lyon suggests crazy time in the day to meet sweetheart (6)
EONSLong times in the onslaught (4)
RETRIEVERDAYSFormal hot times in the summer?
AFTSTimes in the p.m.
ETESHot times in the citae
NORWord appearing four times in the Fifth Amendment
COLDWAVESTimes in the teens, say
HIDINGOUTTheme of this puzzle, seen seven times in the grid
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