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Crossword Answers: Egg-hunting-time-in-the-Orient
EASTERNEASTEREgg-hunting time in the Orient?
EASTEREgg-hunting time
SOYSauce on many dishes in the Orient
TAOWay in the Orient
AMAHSNurses in the Orient
AMAHNurse in the Orient
STEERAGEPilot takes time in the economy section
PASSAGESpend time in the corridor (7)
WEST"Once Upon a Time in the ____"
MENAGEChaps take a long time in the household
STALLWhere to play for time in the market? (5)
DEMONEvil spirit seen for a short time in the study
ERENOWBefore this time in the past
MEANTIMEAverage length of time in the interval (8)
NABOBName formerly given to a European who made a fortune in the Orient (5)
PIPESNot stoned in the Orient with small hookahs (5)
SOYABEANSeana and the boy get their protein in the Orient (4,4)
NETWORKTime in the city, year off to make business contacts (7)
ARAINYDAYWise advice to save money for a time in the future when it may be needed, save for ... (1,5,3)
ALPHA__ Time Zone (one hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time, in the military)
ASSEMBLYLINEBar diet to begin with, produces the same results time after time in the factory (8,4)
OCLOCKOscar has all the time in the world as it's always on the hour (1'5)
SPACEAGEWise guy admits it's slow and steady for time in the future, by Jupiter (5,3)
EONSLong times in the onslaught (4)
RETRIEVERDAYSFormal hot times in the summer?
AFTSTimes in the p.m.
ETESHot times in the citae
NORWord appearing four times in the Fifth Amendment
COLDWAVESTimes in the teens, say
HIDINGOUTTheme of this puzzle, seen seven times in the grid
KRIEGQuarterback in the Pro Bowl three times in the 1980s
ABEPuzzle theme which appears nine more times in the grid
FOYTHe won the Indy 500 three times in the '60s
OTSExciting times in the N.I.T.
BEGATWord appearing 39 times in the King James Version of Matthew 1
SANSWord repeated four times in the last line of Shakespeare's "All the world's a stage" speech
THYWord used three times in the first four lines of the Lord's Prayer
STANMUSIALHe led the majors in triples three times in the 1940s
OPENSEASONSpecified hunting time
EIRERepublic shows anger with the orient (4)
TRIPEJourney over the Orient? Nonsense! (5)
RIDETravel free over the Orient (4)
VANESSAMurder On The Orient Express actress, ... Redgrave
THETALetter that is circulated around the Orient
ASCENDRise as pressure group circumvents the Orient (6)
CASTEA social class scattered over the orient (5)
EXPRESSAgatha Christie's Murder On The Orient ...
INGRIDBERGMANActress who won three Oscars, for "Gaslight," "Anastasia," and "Murder on the Orient Express": 2 wds
TRANSPORTThe Orient Express lacks one small computer connection in one of the cars (9)
CATCHTHETRAINTake hold of what belongs to the bride in time for the Orient Express (5,3,5)
SPY18 Across's ___ Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D
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