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Crossword Answers: Egg-hunting-time-in-the-Orient
EASTERNEASTEREgg-hunting time in the Orient?
EASTEREgg-hunting time
AMAHNurse in the Orient
AMAHSNurses in the Orient
TAOWay in the Orient
SOYSauce on many dishes in the Orient
ETERNITYAll the time in the world
TIMEONONESHANDSAll the time in the world
AHOT"___ Time in the Old Town"
LEONE'Once Upon a Time in the West' director
TWOAMA time in the wee hours...
OPENSEASONSpecified hunting time
POIROT"Murder on the Orient Express" detective
AGATHA"Murder on the Orient Express" novelist Christie
WHODUNIT"Murder on the Orient Express," e.g.
OSAKA"Venice of the Orient"
MANILACity called "the Pearl of the Orient"
SCIMITARCurved sword of the Orient
WALTERMATTHAU"Kotch" star who wraps about time in office?
TENTHDAY"Lords a-leaping" time, in a carol
SERGIO"Once Upon a Time in America" director Leone
UPONA"Once ___ Time in America"
EDEN"Our Time in ___" (10,000 Maniacs album)
ORTHE"...chicken ___ egg?"
ELIOT"A Cooking Egg" poet
ONEIN"Last ___ is a rotten egg!"
INIS"Last one ___ a rotten egg!"
INSA"Last one ___ rotten egg!"

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