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Crossword Answers: Eating-disorder
BINGEINGEating disorder
BULIMAREXIAEating disorder
BULIMIAEating disorder
HYPERPHAGIAEating disorder
POLYPHAGIAEating disorder
ANAPro-___ (like someone who views an eating disorder as a lifestyle choice)
ANOREXIACertain eating disorder
ANE"... eating ___ without salt": Kipling
ISIN"... pudding ___ the eating": Cervantes
HINES"Adventures in Good Eating" author Duncan
SLOT"Coin-eating" part of a vending machine
MIMI"Eating My Words" author Sheraton
RAOUL"Eating ___" ( film)
UGH"I'm not eating that!"
IDIOMS"In a stew," "eating crow," et al.
MELOTTSINYOURMOUTH"OK, dog, you happen to be eating my most valuable baseball card"
DIGIN"Start eating!"
MFKFISHER"The Art of Eating" author
SARALEE"The joy of eating" brand
GRAPE"What's Eating Gilbert ___" (1993)
WHATS"___ Eating Gilbert Grape?"
JELLYBEANS'Vegetables' that kids don't mind eating
CHEWSWISELYA healthy-eating advocate always ___
FASTAbstain from eating
FASTSAbstains from eating
GIRAFFEAcacia-eating mammal
BURPAfter-eating sound
GOOUTAlternative to eating in

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