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Crossword Answers: Eagle-Peak-Merlot-maker
FETZEREagle Peak Merlot maker
WINEMerlot, e.g.
REDWINEMerlot, e.g.
REDSChianti and Merlot
GRAPESConcord and merlot
GRAPYLike Merlot
AGEDLike a fine Merlot
TUNMerlot cask
VATMerlot holder
ASAN" ___ eagle stirreth up her nest" (Deut. 32:11)
EARTHAKITTKENSTARR"... singer ___, legal eagle ___..."
SAWAN"...if he never ___ eagle fly" (John Denver line)
LIKEAN"An eye ___ eagle"
NEST"As an eagle stirreth up her ___" (Deut. 32:11)
USPS"Fly Like an Eagle" org.
HAS"The Eagle ___ Landed"
AESOP"The Eagle and the Arrow" writer
LANDED"The Eagle has ___"
ANYA"The Hearth and Eagle" writer Seton
LAVA"Dante's Peak" flow
OSSA"Down under" peak
BUST"Pike's Peak or ___!"
DARIEN"Silent, upon a peak in ___": Keats
DANTES"___ Peak" (1997 Pierce Brosnan film)
PIKE"___'s Peak or bust!"
ETNA10,900-foot European peak

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