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Crossword Answers: Eagle-Peak-Merlot-maker
FETZEREagle Peak Merlot maker
OENOLOGYMerlot-maker's trade
WINESChardonnay and merlot, for two
KILOMETREIke juggled over Merlot cocktail at length (9)
MAELSTROMUpheaval caused by master's merlot (9)
EARTHAKITTKENSTARR"... singer ___, legal eagle ___..."
RICOTTAEducated woman to host company, then finish off Merlot and cheese (7)
DRIERLike a cabernet vis-a-vis a merlot, usually
LOTBig delivery and it's 50 per cent Merlot (3)
OLDMASTERMerlot ads designed by one of the great painters (3,6)
ZLOTYGauge half the Merlot and last of the Gamay produced in Polish capital (5)
ASAN" ___ eagle stirreth up her nest" (Deut. 32:11)
SAWAN"...if he never ___ eagle fly" (John Denver line)
WINESHOPPlace for merlots and pinots
REDSMerlots and Cabernets
CABERNETSAlternatives to Merlots
ABBA"Mamma Mia!" music makers
SNORERS"Z" makers, in comics
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