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Crossword Answers: Dutch-pottery-city
DELFTDutch pottery city
TULIPSPennsylvania Dutch pottery design
WHEELA power tool for making pottery
ROTATORA power tool for making pottery
HANDTURNEDWHEELA power tool for making pottery
KICKWHEELA power tool for making pottery
PEDALWHEELA power tool for making pottery
POTTERSWHEELA power tool for making pottery
POWERWHEELA power tool for making pottery
DELFTWAREBlue-and-white pottery
FIREBake, as pottery
SHARDBit of broken pottery
STEEN17th-century Dutch painter
VERMEER17th-century Dutch painter
MIRO"Dutch Interior" painter
EMIL"Dutch" Leonard
ARI"Dutch" actress Meyers
ELM"Dutch" tree
BOER"Farmer," in Dutch
LELY17th century Dutch portrait artist
SPINOZA17th-century Dutch philosopher who wrote "Ethics"
DESTIJL1910s-'20s Dutch art movement
MONDRIANAbstract Dutch painter

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