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Crossword Answers: Dutch-pottery-city
DELFTDutch pottery city
TULIPSPennsylvania Dutch pottery design
POTSHERDSPieces of broken pottery
SHERDSPottery fragments (Var.)
STEINPottery beer mug (5)
TERRA___ cotta; red pottery clay
PITCHERHe throws a pottery item! (7)
DELAWAREThe state of the French pottery (8)
WILLOWPATTERNChinese-style pottery design (6,7)
GRAFFITOScratching on walls, pottery, etc (8)
SUNGCelebrated kind of Chinese pottery
STEREOTYPESee pottery cast in set routine
THROWMake pottery of potential worth
MINGRussian plane loaded with North Chinese pottery
MIRO"Dutch Interior" painter
EMIL"Dutch" Leonard
ARI"Dutch" actress Meyers
ELM"Dutch" tree
BOER"Farmer," in Dutch
STEEN17th C. Dutch painter
WOODLANDPERIODPrehistoric time in canada noted for the emergence of pottery: 2 wds.
INKPOTBit of pink pottery used by writer? (6)
MINGLESort of old pottery the French mix together (6)
SHERWOOD1 across taken to court in the case of the pottery fragment (8)

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