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Crossword Answers: Dutch-portrait-painter-in-England
LELYDutch portrait painter in England
HALSDutch portrait painter
VANBURENPOLLOCKPainter in a 2000 biopic?
PICASSOPainter in a Steve Martin title
UNCLEMATISSEPainter in the family?
ENAMELLERPottery painter in Picadilly
MARCCHAGALLRussian-born painter in France whose subjects included dreams and Russian folklore: 2 wds.
PEALEAmerican portrait painter
HALSOFMONTEZUMAMexico City portrait painter?
NEELNoted portrait painter Alice
OPIEPortrait painter John
DOBIE"ATexan in England" author
TOBE"Oh ___ in England...": Browning
TATA"See ya," in England
OHTO"___ be in England"
MIRO"Dutch Interior" painter
EMIL"Dutch" Leonard
ARI"Dutch" actress Meyers
ELM"Dutch" tree
BOER"Farmer," in Dutch
STEEN17th C. Dutch painter
BROOKE"...foreign field that is forever England" penner
OHSURE"And I'm the queen of England"
ROBERTFROST"Cool" poet in New England
HUME"History of England" author David

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