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Crossword Answers: Dutch-portrait-painter-in-England
LELYDutch portrait painter in England
HALSDutch portrait painter
REMBRANDTDutch portrait master
LANDSEERVictorian painter in no position to paint seascape? (8)
KARATEShrewish girl set about painter in unarmed combat (6)
BOWLINEPainter in a knot
CONSTABLEPainter in the police force? (9)
ENAMELLERPottery painter in Picadilly
UNCLEMATISSEPainter in the family?
PICASSOPainter in a Steve Martin title
VANBURENPOLLOCKPainter in a 2000 biopic?
MORSEPortrait painter who became an inventor
FANCYFRIDAMexican painter in one of her brightly colored self-portraits?
BOUCHERPainter in the Rococo style noted for works including Diana Leaving the Bath, A Summer Pastoral, Ven
SEPARATESay goodbye to a painter in September at first exhibition (8)
MARCCHAGALLRussian-born painter in France whose subjects included dreams and Russian folklore: 2 wds.
BOSCHPainter's in bilge, we're told (5)
EASELPortrait painter's stand
PALETTEPortrait painter's handful
POE"The Oval Portrait" writer
WHISTLERFamous painter of his mother's portrait (8)
MONETRenoir portrait subject
KAHLOArtist who painted Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird (5)
PESETAThe last one featured a portrait of Juan Carlos I
MORISOTDepicted in a well-known portrait by her husband's brother Edouard Manet, the artist who was the fir
CARRINGTONArtist associated with Lytton Strachey and others from the Bloomsbury Group who painted a notable po

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