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Crossword Answers: Dutch-portrait-painter-in-England
LELYDutch portrait painter in England
HALSDutch portrait painter
REMBRANDTDutch portrait master
ENAMELLERPottery painter in Picadilly
UNCLEMATISSEPainter in the family?
PICASSOPainter in a Steve Martin title
VANBURENPOLLOCKPainter in a 2000 biopic?
SITTERBaby minder becomes model for portrait painter
ARTISTPortrait painter, e.g.
COLINARTISTPowell's portrait painter?
FRANSPortrait painter ___ Hals
SEPARATESay goodbye to a painter in September at first exhibition (8)
MARCCHAGALLRussian-born painter in France whose subjects included dreams and Russian folklore: 2 wds.
AUGUSTUSJOHNWelsh portrait painter whose works include 1923"s Madame Suggia (8,4)
COROTJean, French landscape and portrait painter who died in 1875 (5)
HILLIARDNicholas ___, English goldsmith, portrait painter and miniaturist who died in 1619 (8)
EASELPortrait painter's stand
PALETTEPortrait painter's handful
JFK50-cent portrait
UNVEILReveal, as a portrait painting
HUNDREDBill with a portrait of Benjamin Franklin
HEIRESSIsabel Archer in "The Portrait of a Lady," e.g.
DANTEHis portrait appears on Italy's two-euro coin
TSIMSHIAN1926 chalk portrait by Canadian artist Edwin Holgate: ___ Chief (Samuel Gaum)
DORAMAARAUCHATPicasso portrait (approximated by the circled letters) that sold for $95 million in 2006
SULLYThomas -, Lincolnshire-born painter whose works include an 1824 portrait of John Quincy Adams (5)
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