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Crossword Answers: Dutch-portrait-painter-in-England
LELYDutch portrait painter in England
HALSDutch portrait painter
REMBRANDTDutch portrait master
KARATEShrewish girl set about painter in unarmed combat (6)
BOWLINEPainter in a knot
CONSTABLEPainter in the police force? (9)
ENAMELLERPottery painter in Picadilly
UNCLEMATISSEPainter in the family?
PICASSOPainter in a Steve Martin title
VANBURENPOLLOCKPainter in a 2000 biopic?
ZOFFANY18th century portrait painter (7)
VELAZQUEZSpanish portrait painter
SARGENTLate Victorian portrait painter, John Singer ...
SEPARATESay goodbye to a painter in September at first exhibition (8)
MARCCHAGALLRussian-born painter in France whose subjects included dreams and Russian folklore: 2 wds.
AUGUSTUSJOHNWelsh portrait painter whose works include 1923"s Madame Suggia (8,4)
BOSCHPainter's in bilge, we're told (5)
EASELPortrait painter's stand
PALETTEPortrait painter's handful
PEREVan Gogh's "Portrait of ___ Tanguy"
DUBLIN"Portrait of the Artist . . ." setting
DREWCreated a portrait
BLUEBOYGainsborough portrait, with 'The'
ALICEMARIANELLENBALENoted for her flower paintings, her strong opinions and the fact that she never left the state of Vi
VANDYCKAnthony ___, Flemish painter whose works include a 1630 portrait of Philippe Le Roy (3,4)
WILLIAMDOBELLSir who won the Archibald Prize in 1943 for a portrait of the artist Joshua Smith (Picture E) (7,6)
FIFTYDOLLARBILL___-___ ___ (Prime Minister Mackenzie King's portrait is on the front of it)

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