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Crossword Answers: Duncan-and-others
ISADORASDuncan and others
YAOFive-time teammate of Bryant, Duncan, and Nowitzki at the NBA All-Star Game
ZITSComic strip about teenager Jeremy Duncan and family
ETCAnd other things: Abbr.
GOYAS"The Naked Maja" and other paintings
ETCETCAnd other things too numerous to mention
EMMAGoldman who wrote "Anarchism and Other Essays"
EARLSWhere Barry McKenzie and other Australians were to be found in London; ... Court
YELLOWSField swirls with blues and other colours (7)
CORFULarge Ionian island on which Gerald Durrell's family and other animals lived
ROMANNUMERALScc one living in Lazio and other figures (5,8)
RSIA pain in the neck (and other places) from repetitive actions (1,1,1)
POMANDEROrange studded with cloves and other aromatic spices, carried in Elizabethan times to ward off disea
DURRELLEndangered species protection and breeding pioneer famous for his family and other animals, Gerald .
PIZZAA flat baked piece of dough with cheese, tomato and other toppings on it
TRISTRAM1852 work by Matthew Arnold from the collection Empedocles on Etna, and Other Poems (8,3,6)
MARTINAuthor of the novels Yellow Dog and Other People (6,4)
XRAYSRevealing pictures of 1 5s and other 1s (1-4)
NBASTARTim Duncan, for one
SPURTim Duncan, for one
KNIFERMacbeth, to Duncan
YOYOMACHERDuncan executive who really gets things done?
RENALDO1950s TV star Duncan
IRAEducation Secretary Duncan
YOYODuncan product
ARNEObama education secretary Duncan
LYREARMSFeature of Duncan Phyfe sofas
LES___ "Speedy" Duncan
MOISTWord in Duncan Hines ads
BROWNIANMOTION"Iggy, your stirring Duncan Hines batter has no relevance to our experiment on ..."
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