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Crossword Answers: Dry-twigs,-e.g
TINDERDry twigs, e.g.
CRACKLESound as of dry twigs burning (7)
BRUSHWOODCut branches and twigs (9)
FAGGOTSBundles of twigs for fuel (7)
STICKINSECTIts limbs look like twigs (5,6)
WICKERMade of flexible twigs (6)
GRASPSClutches twigs (6)
FAGGOTBundle of twigs used for fuel (6)
BASKETContainer of woven twigs etc (6)
FIREBurning twigs and logs (4)
FKA_ _ _ twigs (British singer)
WEEKS"Two ___" (FKA twigs single)
BESOMSBrooms made of twigs
PERCHESBranches and twigs, to a bird
WATTLEANDDAUBWall construction using twigs, clay and water (6,3,4)
BIRCHTwigs from this type of tree were commonly used in corporal punishment. (5)
OLEASTERShrub of the genus Elaeagnus with silver-white twigs and an olive-like fruit (8)
WASHDry's partner
HAIRSTYLINGJob of doing cut and blow-drys (11)

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