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Crossword Answers: Dresses-to-kill
DOLLSUPDresses to kill
DUDESUPDresses to the nines
PREENSDresses to the nines
JAMESBONDMI6 agent licensed to kill (5,4)
DEFOLIATINGChemical spraying to kill leaves
ELECTROCUTETo kill by current means (11)
BOOBYTRAPHazard set to kill the unwary
EXTERMINATEDalek's instruction to kill! (11)
TERMITE1D to kill after extraction of sodium
SHOTAttempt (to kill?) (4)
NIAGARA1953 film Marilyn Monroe's character plan to kill her husband? (7)
SKILLETSet about to kill with frying pan (7)
HEDISONDavid, US actor whose film roles include Felix Leiter in Licence to Kill (7)
MAYELLABob Ewell's daughter in "To Kill a Mockingbird"
IMAGINE"... there's no countries, It isn't hard to do, Nothing to kill or die for, No religion too, ... all
ROOTSearch close to over, with licence to kill time
LEAWhich Australian entomologist was instrumental in developing a poisonous gas to kill wheat weevils?
BUT"I'd tell you, ___ then I'd have to kill you"
UNIFORMEDDressed to kill, perhaps, either sex established (9)
RATPOISONA portion's spread out to kill vermin (3,6)
HUNTSMANScottish conservationists restrained by person who's trying to kill animals (8)
DOPEYIt's stupid to kill victim - run away! (5)
CULLINAN9 required to kill one, old lady (8)
PASSGOSpooner's to kill writer and collect £200! (4,2)
TUTUSBallet dresses
SLIPSUndergarments worn with dresses
SIZEEIGHTLike some dresses or shoes
RISINGDoctor dresses evil swelling (6)
SHEPHERDESSAmaryllis dresses badly without trendy husband (11)
INWHITEHow a bride traditionally dresses (2,5)
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