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Crossword Answers: Dresses-to-kill
DOLLSUPDresses to kill
PREENSDresses to the nines
DUDESUPDresses to the nines
TIME"A ___ to Kill" (John Grisham novel)
SOTO"Licence to Kill" actress Talisa
GLADYSKNIGHT"Licence to Kill" singer
LEE"To Kill A Mockingbird" author
ALDA"To Kill a Clown" actor Alan
ALANALDA"To Kill a Clown" star
PECK"To Kill a Mockingbird" actor
HARPER"To Kill a Mockingbird" author ___ Lee
JEM"To Kill a Mockingbird" boy
BOO"To Kill a Mockingbird" character
ATTICUSFINCH"To Kill a Mockingbird" lawyer
FINCH"To Kill a Mockingbird" lawyer Atticus
SARISDarjeeling dresses
RAILHEADDarjeeling dresses
CHICKFLICK"27 Dresses" or "The Devil Wears Prada"
HEIGL"27 Dresses" star
GIBE"Your mother dresses you funny!", e.g.
SLEEVELESS*Like some dresses
TOOTSIE1982 movie in which Dustin Hoffman dresses as a woman
SIZES5, 7, 9, etc., for juniors' dresses
SHEATHSClose-fitting dresses
ALINESDior dresses
ACAT"'ll kill ___": Jonson
ROGERMOORE"A View to a Kill" star
ROMEO"Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon" speaker
DANZIG"How the Gods Kill" metal band
LOOKS"If ___ could kill,..."
GLACIALSTARE"If looks could kill" look
ICY"If looks could kill" type of stare
UMA"Kill Bill" actress Thurman
ELLE"Kill Bill" character ___ Driver
TARANTINO"Kill Bill, Vol. 1" director
ATOMIC"Kill Your Television" band Ned's ___ Dustbin
ORBE"Kill ___ killed!": 2 wds.

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