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Crossword Answers: Dresses-to-kill
DOLLSUPDresses to kill
DUDESUPDresses to the nines
PREENSDresses to the nines
EXTERMINATEDalek's instruction to kill! (11)
TERMITE1D to kill after extraction of sodium
SHOTAttempt (to kill?) (4)
HOMICIDALWanting to kill someone else? (9)
DOMAINConcern to kill mother? (6)
ENDAim to kill
NOVICEProbationer with a month to kill (6)
MATADORIn Spain he is dressed to kill
SUFFICEDo things, lacking time to kill (7)
UNIFORMEDDressed to kill, perhaps, either sex established (9)
RATPOISONA portion's spread out to kill vermin (3,6)
HUNTSMANScottish conservationists restrained by person who's trying to kill animals (8)
DOPEYIt's stupid to kill victim - run away! (5)
CULLINAN9 required to kill one, old lady (8)
PASSGOSpooner's to kill writer and collect £200! (4,2)
ICEBOXIt's cooler to kill antelopes, they say (6)
CLOSESEASONPeriod when it is illegal to kill certain game (5,6)
ATTEMPTAn assault, particularly with intent to kill (7)
HECK___ Tate (the sheriff in "To Kill a Mockingbird")
HOLDFIREDon't yet try to kill the fellow hugging ancient tree! (4,4)
OCTOPUSSea creature company sent back to kill us (7)
RISINGDoctor dresses evil swelling (6)
SHEPHERDESSAmaryllis dresses badly without trendy husband (11)
INWHITEHow a bride traditionally dresses (2,5)
INAMORATOLover flicking perfume into dresses (9)
COSTUMIERHe dresses Tom Cruise, perhaps (9)
OWNSIs the possessor of topless dresses

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