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Crossword Answers: Dresses-to-kill
DOLLSUPDresses to kill
DUDESUPDresses to the nines
PREENSDresses to the nines
OFFATo kill a king (4)
TATEThe sheriff in "To Kill a Mockingbird"
LETOFF'Licence to kill' discharged
DEAWhom 007 assists in "Licence to Kill"
STAKEWhat you need to kill some vampires
ASSASSINATEAsian assets used to kill politician (11)
DOINParty elected to kill (2,2)
WEAPONInstrument to kill or injure (6)
LONGINUSGaius Cassius ---, leading conspirator in the plot to kill Julius Caesar (8)
NOTTO"Wait a minute. I'll decide with whom my wife's going to have dinner and whom she's going to kill!"
SORRYBarbara Stanwyck starred as a bedridden neurotic whose husband plots to kill her in ..., Wrong Numbe
EGGSLICEUrges lecturer to kill, offering kitchen implement (3,5)
THOUGHTPOLICESuppressors of dissent for all that concocted plot to kill in US (7,6)
EVA"Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" actress Green
LATHI"Some characters to kill at ?? - Hitchcock getting stick (5)
SUSPICIONJoan Fontaine won an Oscar portraying a wife who believes her husband, played by Cary Grant, is tryi
THETERMINATORTime traveler sent to kill or protect Sarah Connor (depending on the year): 2 wds.
SIN"___ City: A Dame to Kill For" (2014 movie)
ANDYSummer Bay drug dealer who tried to kill Jake Pirovic (4,7)
ALBAActress Jessica of "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For"
HOMOPeople who modernise dresses
MINISTRYThe cloth tax behind skimpy dresses (8)
DESIGNSSketches dresses
CALVESYoung creatures concealed by long dresses
RACKSWhat dresses hang on in stores
DRAGWhat RuPaul dresses in
SLIPSONDresses in petticoat, son? (5,2)
BRIDESMagazine with many white dresses
TIEREDLike many wedding cakes and flapper dresses
SHEPHERDESSESGirl power, with dresses swirling round guy ___ they"re keen on wool-producers (13)
FORCEOFHABITWhy former nun still dresses like one? (5,2,5)
VOILELight, semi-transparent fabric of silk, rayon or cotton used for dresses and scarves (5)
NECKLINEWhatever way one dresses it up it's the aim of all good executioners (8)
TEAMAKERKettle goes to pot when the team dresses up the playboy (3,5)
ORGANDIEFine, slightly stiff cotton fabric used for dresses (8)
GLADYSWith 32-Across, "Midnight Train to Georgia" singer who performed the theme to "Licence to Kill"
PLASTERNot exactly a fashion garment from Paris, but it coats a wall or dresses a wound (7)
ROMEOShakespeare character who kills Tybalt (5)
BUFFYShe kills vampires like an enthusiast? (5)
FRAGSKills an enemy, in gaming slang
SLEIGHSKills, say, with toboggans (7)
FUNWhat a buzzkill kills
OCEANPEARL54-40 tune that goes "Bitten in the valley of thirst, the body kills.": 2 wds.
PLAGUEContagious disease that spreads rapidly and kills many (6)
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