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Crossword Answers: Don't-mix-your-GLASS-BOTTLES-with-the-garbage;-recycle-them-into-___,-ideal-for-brightening-up-the-r
TESTLABGLOSSDon't mix your GLASS BOTTLES with the garbage; recycle them into ___, ideal for brightening up the r
SANDALEGIZMODon't toss out that pile of OLD MAGAZINES; recycle them into a ___, perfect for keeping your beer cl
CATSUPDROPPERDon't throw away those PAPER PRODUCTS; recycle them into a ___, handy for carefully dressing french
RACISTSCALPELDon't ditch your CLEAR PLASTICS; recycle them into a ___, a useful tool for bigoted surgeons
LONERSThey don't mix well
SNOBSThey don't mix with just anybody
OILAND___water don't mix.
PAULSTANLEYRocker known for smashing his guitars and then throwing them into the audience
BEAU___ ideal (perfect model)
EGO___ ideal
INAN"___ ideal world..."
ACCEPTREFUSETake in the garbage?
CHORESWashing dishes, taking out the garbage, etc.
YESDEARPossible reply to "Take out the garbage, please"
CHORECarrying out the garbage, e.g.
ARABLEIdeal for growing
COLOURINGBrightening with crayons (9)
SOLARFLARESudden brightening near a sunspot
NOVARapidly brightening star
NOVASBrightening stars

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