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Crossword Answers: Don't-mix-your-GLASS-BOTTLES-with-the-garbage;-recycle-them-
TESTLABGLOSSDon't mix your GLASS BOTTLES with the garbage; recycle them into ___, ideal for brightening up the r
TUMBLEDRYEROne used to extract water - diviner emptied out the old glass bottles
DECANTERSBottles with stoppers, for serving wine or water (9)
TICKLEDPINKAmused the singer of "Raise Your Glass"?
TOASTEROne asking you to raise your glass to a kitchen appliance? (7)
BOTTOMSUPDrain your glass, having a little drink with weaver (7,2)
GOODENOUGHSarah McLachlan song that starts: "Hey, your glass is empty...": 2 wds.
SNOBSThey don't mix with just anybody
FLASKSBottles with narrow necks (6)
SANDALEGIZMODon't toss out that pile of OLD MAGAZINES; recycle them into a ___, perfect for keeping your beer cl
CATSUPDROPPERDon't throw away those PAPER PRODUCTS; recycle them into a ___, handy for carefully dressing french
RACISTSCALPELDon't ditch your CLEAR PLASTICS; recycle them into a ___, a useful tool for bigoted surgeons
OILSThey don't mix with water
PINK"Raise Your Glass" singer
LONERSThey don't mix well
OILAND___water don't mix.
NERVEGASBottle with petrol in US may be used as weapon (5,3)
ABBOTSailor has half a bottle with a male superior
DEMIJOHNLarge bottle with narrow neck for storing wine (8)
CRUETGlass bottle
PHIALGlass bottle
DECANTEROrnamental glass bottle for wine
PROVERBSPressure on traveller to open bottle with corkscrew in the middle of readings from Solomon (8)
CORKSIs on the bottle with Old Bob - it's to do with port closures! (5)
SCRAPYARDFight on beer wagon up where they recycle (9)
TEEGRINDINGPart of a project to recycle golf accessories?
TWEAKSMoves nippily to recycle waste around the weekend
GREENCHARTREUSEEcologists' plan to recycle liqueur (5,10)
PULPITWhere a preacher stands on how to recycle paper (6)
WHITEGOODSWished to go to recycle large kitchen appliances (5,5)
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