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Crossword Answers: Dieter's-fare-at-times
YOGURTDieter's fare at times
MYSTERYMEATSKids' lunchroom fare, at times
TOKENSFares, at times
SALADDieter's fare
ROASTEDNUTSFare at the Friars Club?
EATSTakes some of the fare at suppertime (4)
POIFare at a luau
SUSHIJapanese fare at a "bar"
BREAKFASTBUFFETMorning fare at the Marriott
MAIZEFare at the first Thanksgiving
FASTFOODSFare at KFC, McDonald's, Burger King, etc.
BINGOEvening fare at some churches
BWESTERNClassic fare at a drive-in movie
BOGEYMENUBill of fare at Rick's?
LAMEDUCKSOUPAwful fare at a free kitchen?
LUNCHEONA French companion entering Spanish city getting fare at one (8)
TRIASSICTerrible crisis at time dinosaurs appeared
PARENTAGEFather in tears at time of birth (9)
INUNDATEOne devoted woman at time of Flood (8)
TANTRUMSFits of temper at time worker drinks? (8)
LANGUAGEThe French gun used at time of speech (8)
ATLONGLASTAfter lengthy delay, strong man carries on - extremely grateful at time (2,4,4)
BILATERAL4 is around at time for two parties (9)
URGESDieter's problems
DESSERTDieter's downfall
WEIGHTGAIN*Dieter's concern
EASTERTIDEFestive period when dieters eat out (10)
SIMMERSDieters wanting large stews (7)
TUNISSALADSNorth African dieter's light fare?
MIXEDGREENSALADDieter's fare ... or a hint to 17-, 24-, 49- and 62-Across and 10- and 26-Down
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