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Crossword Answers: Dieter's-fare-at-times
YOGURTDieter's fare at times
SALADDieter's fare
POIFare at a luau
SUSHIJapanese fare at a "bar"
BREAKFASTBUFFETMorning fare at the Marriott
MAIZEFare at the first Thanksgiving
FASTFOODSFare at KFC, McDonald's, Burger King, etc.
BINGOEvening fare at some churches
BWESTERNClassic fare at a drive-in movie
BOGEYMENUBill of fare at Rick's?
LAMEDUCKSOUPAwful fare at a free kitchen?
MIXEDGREENSALADDieter's fare ... or a hint to 17-, 24-, 49- and 62-Across and 10- and 26-Down
INCHDieter's loss, maybe
ACAIDieter's exotic berry
THINNERPaint solvent is the envy of dieters (7)
LOWCALHERODieter's sandwich?
COKEZEROSoda for dieters
ACHDieter's complaint
INCHESDieter's statistic
LETTHEREBELITEDieter's hope when entering the brewpub?
TOLLROADS"Fare" ways
SKITS"Saturday Night Live" fare
OUTRANKSOne is higher than the others in base on holiday - they can be easier for picking up fares! (8)
SENIORSSome may get cheaper fares
EGOTRIPSWhat vanity fares will buy?

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