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Crossword Answers: Devious-one
SCHEMERDevious one
SNEAKDevious one
SNEAKSDevious ones
LUCCISusan of TV's "Devious Maids"
ANAORTIZ"Devious Maids" star
TRAVELGo, devious varlet!
LIFETIME"Devious Maids" channel
HARASSSarah's devious with Harry (6)
USERPerson taking advantage of devious ruse
SNAKEDrink around no devious person
LOWLIFEDevious fellow circumventing island's criminals (3,4)
YESTEREVESevere yet devious last night (9)
GOLDDIGGERDogged girl being devious? (4-6)
REMINISCERemember I'm sincere, though devious (9)
GATHERINGUnderstanding devious hinter's in-joke? (9)
NEEDLESSLYIrritates, getting devious beyond measure (10)
JUDYREYES"Devious Maids" actress who played nurse Carla Espinosa on "Scrubs": 2 wds.
OLIVERTWISTMen are devious, capturing surviving orphan (6,5)
LEESIDEProtected face from devious type, turning left or right (3,4)
TACKEDTook a devious course, showing diplomacy, we hear (6)
TACTSteered a devious course, one hears, showing adroitness in manipulation (4)
OURFATHERDevious fraud virtually concealed by extra supplication (3,6)
CONCIERGENo time for devious, egocentric caretaker (9)
FELINEElegant but devious policy on iron (6)
OUTFLANKTo get the better of folk, aunt proves devious (8)
COLLUDECome to a secret and devious understanding (7)
FLYWEIGHTWith lusty outsiders, we fight devious boxer (9)

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