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Crossword Answers: Devious-one
SCHEMERDevious one
FASTONEDevious trick
WILEDevious trick
EVASIONSDevious answers
IMPDevious little devil
MEALYMOUTHEDVocally devious
FINAGLEUse devious methods
GULLIBLENot devious
NAIVENot devious
OPENNot devious
ARTLESSNot devious
TRUTHFULNot devious
UNBOWEDNot devious
INGENUOUSNot devious
BOOBYTRAPDevious device to catch the unwary
ANAOrtiz of 'Devious Maids'
COYDevious, in a way
TRIXRABBITDevious General Mills spokescritter
INPLACESet up devious plan to intercept murder (2,5)
IDOLISELove to say to priest during wedding it's devious lies (7)
ENTHUSIASTPerson with strong liking for Lawrence coming back around devious hunt for exotic Asia (10)
TROJANHORSESDevious traps, and a hint to surprises found in 20-, 29- and 48-Across

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