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Crossword Answers: Devious-one
SCHEMERDevious one
SNEAKDevious one
SNEAKSDevious ones
BALFOUR5,27's devious foul in boozer (7)
INSINUATIONSDevious hints (12)
EVA"Devious Maids" coproducer/director Longoria
TAPEDevious stranger copied sound evidence (4,10)
USERSThey employ devious ruses
CLEVERGREENDevious golf course feature?
MAIDSLifetime series, "Devious ___"
BOOBYTRAPDevious device to catch the unwary
ANAOrtiz of 'Devious Maids'
EVASIONSDevious answers
GUNPLAYShooting a guy out with a devious plan (7)
EELNasty sort from East End's a devious type (3)
WANGLEUse devious methods to get the western viewpoint (6)
HUSTLERDevious sleuth on to the right con man (7)
ALICEWalford woman who"s being played for a fool by devious Michael Moon (5,8)
HERACLITUSThat woman leading a cult is devious philosopher (10)
SHARMAJai __, the Dales" devious factory owner (6)
APOCALYPSEDisclosure from devious spy, a place with nothing hidden (10)
AMETHYSTDevious mate's pocketing your old gemstone (8)
INPLACESet up devious plan to intercept murder (2,5)
IDOLISELove to say to priest during wedding it's devious lies (7)
ENTHUSIASTPerson with strong liking for Lawrence coming back around devious hunt for exotic Asia (10)
JOHNMOTSONTony B's predecessor not so devious for commentator (4,6)
TROJANHORSESDevious traps, and a hint to surprises found in 20-, 29- and 48-Across
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