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Crossword Answers: Desert-steed
ARABDesert steed
ARABIANDesert steed
GAITSteed speed
TROTSteed speed
SEDATECollected a steed quickly (6)
CHARGERKnight's steed
ELDESTFirst-born wild steed has left (6)
MOUNTEDOn a steed (7)
TEASEDBaited a steed terribly (6)
NOSEBAGSteed feeder
SORRELReddish-brown steed
BRONCRodeo steed, for short
ARGOXena's steed
PRANCESStruts like a steed
REARSEmulates a startled steed
NAGWorn-out steed
SCOUTTonto's steed
MREDTV steed
COBStocky steed
AVENGERSteed, e.g.
MRSPEELSteed's partner, to Steed
SEATTLESLEWSteed that won the 1977 Triple Crown
REINSSteed stoppers
JOCKEYSteed steerer
ROANOFORANSteed purchased in Algeria?
OATSSteed feed
ROMMEL"Desert Fox"
ERWIN"Desert Fox" Rommel
STING"Desert Rose" singer
FFIFTEEN"Desert Storm" aircraft
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