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Crossword Answers: Desert-steed
ARABDesert steed
ARABIANDesert steed
ARABIANHORSEGraceful steed
CAMEL"Lawrence of Arabia" steed
ORSE'enry's steed
REINChecker of a steed
PINTOColorful steed
WHOACommand to a steed
REININGControlling, as a steed
AVENGERSEmma Peel and John Steed
AVENGEEmulate Peel and Steed
MANOWARFabled steed of 1920
ROSINANTEFictional steed
ROANFlecked steed
PEGASUSFlying steed of myth
MACNEEHe played Steed in The Avengers
HOBBYHORSEHoofless steed
SILVERJohn Reid's steed
KNIGHTMAREJouster's steed?
ADESTELatin word for a steed? Come, come!
SAHARAAfrican desert
KALAHARIAfrican desert
ROMMEL"Desert Fox"
ERWIN"Desert Fox" Rommel
STING"Desert Rose" singer
FFIFTEEN"Desert Storm" aircraft
NORMSCHWARZKOPF"Desert Storm" general
OWL"I am like an ___ of the desert" (Psalms 102:6)
THETHINREDLINE"I'm Sean Penn. If Bush attacks Iraq, he'll be responsible for ___ of blood in the desert."
OMAR"Lion of the Desert" role
CAMELS"Ships of the desert"
SONS"___ of the Desert"
EMPIRE'03 Mitsubishi coupe seen in desert apparition
TUMBLEWEED*Desert roller
ORO--- Grande, Mojave Desert town
GOBI500,000-square-mile desert
SIMOOMAfrican desert wind
MOHAVEAmerican desert
SONORAArizona desert
SETTLESHISCLAIMAttorney heads to the desert, where he ___

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