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Crossword Answers: Desert-steed
ARABIANDesert steed
ARABDesert steed
COARSEHORSEUncouth steed?
ASSSancho's "steed"
PEDESTALBase friend has wild steed (8)
SEDATECollected a steed quickly (6)
CHARGERKnight's steed
MOUNTEDOn a steed (7)
TEASEDBaited a steed terribly (6)
NOSEBAGSteed feeder
SORRELReddish-brown steed
BRONCRodeo steed, for short
ARGOXena's steed
PRANCESStruts like a steed
REARSEmulates a startled steed
NAGWorn-out steed
SCOUTTonto's steed
MREDTV steed
ROMMEL"Desert Fox"
ERWIN"Desert Fox" Rommel
STING"Desert Rose" singer
FFIFTEEN"Desert Storm" aircraft
NORMSCHWARZKOPF"Desert Storm" general
OMAR"Lion of the Desert" role
CAMEL"Ship of the desert"
CAMELS"Ships of the desert"
SONS"___ of the Desert"
TUMBLEWEED*Desert roller
HORSERADISHESSteed cut short on the radio by that woman from society of saucy plants (13)
UMBRELLAWeapon of choice for the stylish bowler-hatted John Steed in The Avengers - or Mary Poppins?
STAMPEDEPam, steed will rush headlong according to Spooner
SCAVENGERSteed, say, starts to stagger crazily first and totter (9)
DIANARIGGPatrick MacNee played the brolly-wielding John Steed in The Avengers and this actress played Emma Pe
SEATEDMounted on a steed that"s out of control (6)
ANTECEDENTSOne thrown off by ancient steed, surprisingly they came first (11)
ELDESTFirst-born wild steed has left (6)
OWL"I am like an ___ of the desert" (Psalms 102:6)
THETHINREDLINE"I'm Sean Penn. If Bush attacks Iraq, he'll be responsible for ___ of blood in the desert."
EMPIRE'03 Mitsubishi coupe seen in desert apparition
PEELSteed's partner
MRSPEELSteed's partner
ETONAvenger John Steed's alma mater
EMMAPEELJohn Steed's partner
GAITSteed's pace
PRANCESteed's movement
ROANSSpeckled steeds
HORSEHEROSSandwiches for steeds?
GALEOne of John Steed's partners
ARABSGraceful steeds
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