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Crossword Answers: Desert-steed
ARABIANDesert steed
ARABDesert steed
PRANCEDStrutted like a steed
HORSEPLAYMessing about (as a steed?) (9)
DIGESTEDAbsorbed, like a frisky steed? (8)
SADDLESeat on a steed
ROCKINGSteed on springs (7,5)
REARUPReact like a startled steed
COARSEHORSEUncouth steed?
ASSSancho's "steed"
PEDESTALBase friend has wild steed (8)
SEDATECollected a steed quickly (6)
ESTRANGEDCalled in faltering steed to be removed (9)
PIEINTHESKY1990s police drama starring Richard Griffiths and Maggie Steed (3,2,3,3)
DETESTEDDidn't like to see Ted mounting the frisky steed
DISINTERESTEDDig up frisky steed without prejudice (13)
ENDORSEBack at last - steed wouldn't start (7)
HORSESHOERFarrier starts to ride stallions, every steed wrapped by Father Christmas, perhaps? (10)
SIDESTEPAvoid drink when harnessing unruly steed (8)
HORSERADISHESSteed cut short on the radio by that woman from society of saucy plants (13)
UMBRELLAWeapon of choice for the stylish bowler-hatted John Steed in The Avengers - or Mary Poppins?
STAMPEDEPam, steed will rush headlong according to Spooner
SCAVENGERSteed, say, starts to stagger crazily first and totter (9)
DIANARIGGPatrick MacNee played the brolly-wielding John Steed in The Avengers and this actress played Emma Pe
SEATEDMounted on a steed that"s out of control (6)
ANTECEDENTSOne thrown off by ancient steed, surprisingly they came first (11)
MRSPEELSteed's partner
PEELSteed's partner
ETONAvenger John Steed's alma mater

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