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Crossword Answers: D.C.-initials
GOPD.C. initials
HST'40s-'50s D.C. initials
STREETSA and B, in D.C.
STSA and B, in D.C.
MRT"D.C. Cab" actor
CAB"D.C. ___" (1983)
STOW(Puzzle by D.C. Baldwin) Pack away
SEN1 of 100 in D.C.
THREAT1980s D.C. punk band Minor ___
EUROA and B in D.C., e.g.
ALOST"... a poet should have... ___ love": D. C. Peattie
DIMESUP"Sorry to cut you off," in D.C.
TAXATION"___ Without Representation" (new slogan on D.C. license plates)
EBB"Aurora Leigh" poet's initials
EBW"Charlotte's Web" initials
USS"Enterprise" initials
RCA"His Master's Voice" initials
DDE"I Like Ike" initials
TMI"Keep it to yourself!" initials
RLS"Kidnapped" initials
STENCHSniffer's initial carp? (6)
TOYSInitial characters seen in translation of youthful Saroyan plays (4)
TASKFORCEThe initial question is put with vigour and detachment (4,5)
REASSESSINGMaking a change in the initial rating (11)
NEILInitial name on the cover of "A Life of Flight"
LIEINWAITBe ready to surprise wife caught by initial energy in explosion (3,2,4)
VTOLInitial description of sudden rise and descent
TROOPReview initial oxidation in wine produced by army of workers (5)
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