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Crossword Answers: D.C.-initials
GOPD.C. initials
HST'40s-'50s D.C. initials
AVENUEMassachusetts in D.C., e.g.
KEENELaura ___, actress-manager whose company's performance of the play Our American Cousin at Ford's The
BWIAirport near D.C.
NCISTV drama set in the D.C. area
CADETSStudents at East D.C. Academy
ROTUNDAD.C. landmark, the ___
BOOND C ___, Australia Test cricketer who hit 200 against New Zealand at Perth in 1989 (4)
STASD.C. Metro stops
POLITD.C. goings-on (Abbr.)
ECOLIC.D.C. concern
VIRGD.C. neighbor
NATIONALD.C.'s __ Mall
EXPOSMontreal nine, before the D.C. move
INTERNSMany D.C. workers
QSTD.C.'s historic Dumbarton Bridge is on it: abbr.
TIDALBASINLarge body in Washington, D.C.
ARENAD.C.'s ___ Stage
CAPITALSPENDINGWashington, D.C. team's payroll allotment?
TAFTSFirst family when D.C.'s earliest cherry trees were planted
POSTD.C. newspaper
RMNInitials associated with Watergate
PPSInitials sharers of Elvis' wife
BGSInitials sharers of Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife
RSAThe initials by which the African nation with the capital Pretoria is known (1,1,1)
MAELife jacket goes with the west, and initials make answer easy! (3)
NOSENo excuse carving initials in yellow snow (4,5)
CGIFilm graphics initials
HDLBlood test initials
ICBMCold War weapon initials
IKEACompany name that begins with its founder's initials
NASDFormer Wall St. initials
IGASupermarket franchise initials
OBAMAPresident whose initials "stink"
RFKD.C. Stadium initials
PVCPlumbing pipe initials
TVGUIDEWeekly magazine where the initials of the answers to starred clues can be found

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