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Crossword Answers: D.C.-initials
GOPD.C. initials
HST'40s-'50s D.C. initials
STREETSA and B, in D.C.
STSA and B, in D.C.
ALOST"... a poet should have... ___ love": D. C. Peattie
MRT"D.C. Cab" actor
CAB"D.C. ___" (1983)
DIMESUP"Sorry to cut you off," in D.C.
TAXATION"___ Without Representation" (new slogan on D.C. license plates)
STOW(Puzzle by D.C. Baldwin) Pack away
SEN1 of 100 in D.C.
THREAT1980s D.C. punk band Minor ___
EUROA and B in D.C., e.g.
EBB"Aurora Leigh" poet's initials
EBW"Charlotte's Web" initials
RLS"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" author's initials
USS"Enterprise" initials
RCA"His Master's Voice" initials
DDE"I Like Ike" initials
TMI"Keep it to yourself!" initials
MPHInitial speed (3)
SCRIBESAscribes removal of initial alphabet to copyists (7)
WHIZCentre-forward gets most of his initial zealousness from hot shot (4)
OFFANDRUNNINGMaking good initial progress
FOOTHILLTime to engage in walk up -- bad initial slope for climber (8)
PROTECTIONIn favour of initial talk to serve notice to security (10)
CASSISMechanically speaking, structure lacks initial harmony for south of France white wine (6)
STUTTERERSThey have initial difficulty in speechmaking

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