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Crossword Answers: Czech-diacritical
HACEKCzech diacritical
BREVEDiacritical mark
MACRONDiacritical mark
BREVESSome diacritical marks
CEDILLAFrench diacritical mark
TILDESSpanish diacritical marks
HACEKSSlavic diacritical marks
UMLAUTSGerman diacritical marks
MACRONSDiacritical marks
UMLAUTDiacritical dots
TITTLEDiacritical dot
TILDEDiacritical curl
POLKACzech dance
BOHEMIANUnconventional Czech
CAPEKCzech playwright
FRIMLCzech-born composer Rudolf
PISTOLWord from the Czech for "pipe"
AUSTERLITZTown in the Czech Republic; site of Napoleon's victory over the Russian and Austrian armies in 1805
OSTRAVACity in the Czech Republic near the junction of the Oder and Ostravice rivers (7)
CHUTZPAHShelter in Czech domain returns old fortune to US for local impudence (8)
CHINTZCzech Republic embraces suggestion for flowery material (6)
ONETWODoes Mike sound Czech, say, with play at stadium? (3-3)
KAFKAFranz ___, Czech author of the novels The Trial and The Castle (5)
OSSUARYPlace for human bones to be reverently stored, such as the All Saints chapel at Sedlec in the Czech
PRAGUETOMATOSAUCEPasta-aisle product that says "Czech it out!" on the label?

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