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Crossword Answers: Czech-diacritical
HACEKCzech diacritical
MACRONSDiacritical marks
DIERESESDiacritical marks
MACRONDiacritical mark
BREVEDiacritical mark
BREVESSome diacritical marks
CEDILLAFrench diacritical mark
TILDESSpanish diacritical marks
HACEKSSlavic diacritical marks
UMLAUTSGerman diacritical marks
UMLAUTDiacritical dots
TITTLEDiacritical dot
TILDEDiacritical curl
PRAGUENOSISResult of a Czech checkup?
CIRCUMFLEXDiacritical mark above a vowel in some languages (10)
CZECHSThe natives or inhabitants of the Czech Republic (6)
CITIZENSCHARTER"Religious instruction in state" - Czech Republic's leader makes a promise to the people (8,7)
CRACOWLeaders in Czech Republic with a lower place in Poland (6)
CADENZAPort in Czech Republic initially allowing free passage for musician? (7)
CHARLESCity in Provence supporting disheartened Czech prince (7)
TOMSTOPPARDWhich Czech-born English playwright used the pseudonym William Boot, a character from Evelyn Waugh's
ZINCCzech Republic revolution over fashionable metal (4)
BRENMachine gun partly named for the Czech city in which it was designed
BRUNO1 across finds university in Czech city (5)
DOWNPAYMENTSPresumably one has to give one credit for those first four figures in 18 across finding Czech report

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