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Crossword Answers: Cuban-salsa-singer-Cruz
CELIACuban salsa singer Cruz
TAIOSinger Cruz
CRUZSalsa singer Celia
RUBENSalsa singer Blades
LYIN___' Ted (Mr. Cruz to Donald Trump)
SENORASPenelope Cruz and Charo, e.g.
SENCruz or Sanders, briefly
RTEXTed Cruz follower?
SPANIARDPenelope Cruz or Picasso
RENKOMartin Cruz Smith's Russian detective in Gorky Park, Arkady ...
RTXSen. Ted Cruz (_-_ _): 2016 Presidential candidate who came into the world in Canada in 1970, that's
KITAJR B ___, US painter whose works include 1967's Juan de La Cruz (5)
PASTASalsa's bed
HARUM"A Whiter Shade of Pale" singers Procol ___
BEATLES"Ain't She Sweet" singers
TEMPTATIONS"Ain't Too Proud to Beg" singers

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