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Crossword Answers: Crack-shots
DEADEYESCrack shots
ACESCrack shots
ACECrack shot
MARKSMANCrack shot
DEADEYECrack shot
SNAPCrack shot (4)
TRYSTCrack shot disheartened in meeting (5)
RIFLEMANSoldier - crack shot? (8)
TURNCrack shot ultimately remains in it (4)
ALAN"Animal Crack-Ups" host Thicke
IDONTCARE"Jimmy Crack Corn" sentiment
ONA"Step ___ crack... "
MEUP"You crack ___!"
ARIOT"You're ___!" ("You crack me up!")
NARCA crack investigator?
DEAAnti-crack org.
BRITTLEApt to crack
EARLYAt the crack of dawn
ATEAM"Crack commando unit," according to the intro
ION"Damn, was ___ crack?" (Kanye West lyric)
CARE"I don't ___" ("Jimmy Crack Corn" sentiment)
ANDI"Jimmy crack corn, ___ don't care...": 2 wds.
UPAT-- the crack of dawn
THECORNERAcclaimed 2000 miniseries about crack addicts in Baltimore
PIRACYCrime Inland Revenue cracks fast (6)
VENUSINFISSURESLove goddess among cracks?
VENTSCracks in volcanos
ANTInsect that crawls in sidewalk cracks
LYNETTEWoman following deduction cracks solution (7)
HALFWITSThis flaw cracks up local clowns (8)
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