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Crossword Answers: Crack-shots
DEADEYESCrack shots
ALAN"Animal Crack-Ups" host Thicke
ATEAM"Crack commando unit," according to the intro
ION"Damn, was ___ crack?" (Kanye West lyric)
CARE"I don't ___" ("Jimmy Crack Corn" sentiment)
IDONTCARE"Jimmy Crack Corn" sentiment
ANDI"Jimmy crack corn, ___ don't care...": 2 wds.
ONA"Step ___ crack... "
MEUP"You crack ___!"
ARIOT"You're ___!" ("You crack me up!")
UPAT-- the crack of dawn
NARCA crack investigator?
THECORNERAcclaimed 2000 miniseries about crack addicts in Baltimore
DEAAnti-crack org.
BRITTLEApt to crack
EARLYAt the crack of dawn
AMUSECause to crack up
RIOTOUSCausing one to crack up
SLITChink or crack
ZITSComic strip collected in the book "Crack of Noon"
NAMESBig shots
STARSBig shots
BOSSESBig shots
BELTSBig shots
VIPSBig shots
HONCHOSBig shots
SPOOF"Airplane!" or "Hot Shots!", e.g.
IRAQ"Hot Shots! Part Deux" setting
JONCRYER"Hot Shots!" actor, 1991
HOT"___ Shots!" (1991)
ARC9-iron shot's trajectory
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