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Crossword Answers: Crack-shots
ACESCrack shots
DEADEYESCrack shots
ACECrack shot
MARKSMANCrack shot
DEADEYECrack shot
GUTSomething busted from a crack?
DECOROUSProper to crack our codes (8)
HAD___ a crack at; tried
DECORCrack code with right furnishings (5)
ROCKCrack found in diamond (4)
EQUIPMENTCrack troops in alien kit (9)
CHINKINTHEORHosp. surgery center crack?
STERNUnlikely to crack a smile
ROBFORDCrack-loving ex-Toronto mayor *
FUNNYBUSINESSDeception of crack city job (5,8)
APPTrivia Crack, e.g.
DRIFTERCrack appears in the German tramp (7)
BONESubject of crack beginning to belabour individual
HARDNUTTransforms Ruth and becomes something difficult to crack (4,3)
NOTASTROKEWhat one versed in dodges does right in order to crack what's typical of Philistine (3,1,6)
SASSINGCrack team to inform on insolence (7)
HUNTStalk and hard nut to crack (4)
STOPCrack down on putting crockery up (4)
GAGANuts - crack almonds to start with
MYRTLEEvergreen tree with crack in it, set back (6)
EXHIBITAHosted by Graham Greene and airing on APTN, series featuring dramatic recreations of hard to crack c
THRIFTMost of the crack is scrimping and saving (6)
DIOCESEDoes ice crack under bishop's jurisdiction? (7)
JOKIERMore likely to crack a good one
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