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Crossword Answers: Crack-shots
DEADEYESCrack shots
DEADEYECrack shot
ACECrack shot
MARKSMANCrack shot
ACODEWords after "crack" or "live by"
HAIRLINECrack type
IVESJimmy Crack Corn singer
NSAGp. of crack crackers
SIDESPLITTERCrack that kills
EARLYSTARTCrack-of-dawn departure (5,5)
SASCrack task force
EXTOLCrack up?
SNAPDRAGONPlant shrew beneath crack (10)
DIVELAUGHINGCrack up during a jackknife?
SPOOF"Airplane!" or "Hot Shots!", e.g.
IRAQ"Hot Shots! Part Deux" setting
JONCRYER"Hot Shots!" actor, 1991
HOT"___ Shots!" (1991)
ARC9-iron shot's trajectory
LOBSAerial shots
XCUTAlternative movie shots
HOPISCOTCHArizona native's shots?
MAJSArmy big shots: abbr.
LAYUPSBasketball shots
UBUNTUOperating system just out oddly deficient It's a piece of cake to crack (6)
PROBLEMHard nut to crack in a can of worms? (7)
SOLVERSThey crack the case for Rebus (7)
ISONE"This ___ ___ tough case to crack." ...said the detective
CORPSECrack up laughing inappropriately on stage (maybe it was the dead body?)
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