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Crossword Answers: Cousin-of-a-hawk
KITECousin of a hawk
TALONClaw of a hawk
OSCARCousin of a Golden Globe
EMMYCousin of a Golden Globe
ELANDBig cousin of a dik-dik
GRAMMYCousin of a Billboard Music Award
SHEEPSKINCousin of a Cotswold?
IRACousin of a Keogh, briefly
EDDCousin of a Ph. D.
MANHATTANCousin of a Rob Roy
OBIECousin of a Tony
IMPERIALCousin of a Vandyke
AVIANLike a hawk
TALONEDLike a hawk
PROWARLike a hawk
SWOOPAttack like a hawk
SEELBlind, as a hawk
SOARFly like a hawk
FALCONERHunter with a hawk
TEDDYA cousin of Franklin's
KOHLRABIA cousin of cabbage
MARCA cousin of grappa
RELATEDTOA cousin of, say
EMUAustralian cousin of the ostrich
BROADLOOMCARPETBigger cousin of an area rug
PLAIDODOMINOColorfully clad Italian cousin of Fats? (C G)
UNOCommercial cousin of crazy eights
AMNTCountry cousin of ain't
SOMALIA"Black Hawk Down" setting
USTINOV"Memed My Hawk" director and star, 1984
TED"The Hawk in the Rain" poet Hughes
SACSBlack Hawk and tribesmen
INDIANCHIEFBlack Hawk or Crazy Horse
ROTORBlack Hawk part
SACBlack Hawk was one

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