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Crossword Answers: Cousin-of-a-hawk
KITECousin of a hawk
TALONClaw of a hawk
SWAMPCousin of a marsh or a bog
SNARECousin of a tabor
ROOTLETCousin of a tendril
BIALYCousin of a bagel
CODCousin of a pollock
OREADCousin of a naiad
SCAUPCousin of a mallard
GENETCousin of a civet
LLBCousin of a J.D., in legal circles
DARKSTARCousin of a black hole
BOACousin of a python
CELLOLarger cousin of a violin
WRENCousin of a gnatcatcher
ACORWQUASHCousin of a zucchini
ONAGERCousin of a donkey
DEMIJOHNCousin of a carafe
MAITAICousin of a zombie
PIECousin of a crumble
ERNCousin of a bald eagle
NEWTCousin of a congo eel
TREYSmaller cousin of a four-in-hand?
ASHIn Egyptian mythology, this benign god of the desert was depicted as a man with the head of a hawk
RUMPLEDSTILTSKINCousins of a disheveled wading bird?
AVIANLike a hawk
PROWARLike a hawk
TALONEDLike a hawk
WARMONGERBet about Norm turning into a hawk (9)
FLEWWas a hawk

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