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Crossword Answers: Counters-with-beads
ABACICounters with beads
RETALIATESCounters with teas, a litre drunk
WETCovered with beads, maybe
SWEATYCovered with beads?
BEDEWMoisten with beads
ABACUSItem with beads
IMPEARLAdorn with beads
ENCRUSTPut hard surface on counters, with nothing going wrong (7)
PEPPERMINTDROPSSpray money factory with beads or sweets (10,5)
RETORTCounter with a sharp edge
WETBARBeverage counter with a sink
BUSHTEAStand-by counter with varying heat for beverage (4,3)
PECKEat like a bird at mushroom counter with kipper starter (4)
STRUNGLike beads on a necklace
THREADINGStringing (beads)
SWEATSProduces personal beads for old soldiers (6)
ASTRAGALSBeads for starlets? (9)
CALGONBrand of bath beads
SIDEBOARDDior beads (anag.) (9)
NECKLACESChains of beads
BIRDSOFAFEATHERSimilar people arranging beads for the fair (5,2,1,7)
MALAHinduism: string of beads used in praying and meditating (4)
SEQUINSFoil beads for embellishing clothing and accessories which take their name from old Venetian gold co
UNSTRUNG(Of pearls or beads) yet to be linked together (8)
ABSORBEDFascinated by ball covered in shattered beads (8)
KISMETBaubles, Bangles And Beads and Stranger In Paradise were hits from this musical set in the mysteriou
BUDAPESTPut beads into this city on the Danube (8)

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