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Crossword Answers: Counters-with-beads
ABACICounters with beads
WETCovered with beads, maybe
SWEATYCovered with beads?
BEDEWMoisten with beads
ABACUSItem with beads
IMPEARLAdorn with beads
PEPPERMINTDROPSSpray money factory with beads or sweets (10,5)
RETORTCounter with a sharp edge
WETBARBeverage counter with a sink
DOOMThe beads
DESTINYThe beads
SIDEBOARDDior beads (anag.) (9)
NECKLACESChains of beads
RODSAbacus beads slide on them
CORALSSources of many beads
PORESWhere many beads are formed
SCENTEDLike bath beads, typically
NACRESubstance for making beads
AVESRosary beads
SWEATERProducer of some beads
BUDAPESTPut beads into this city on the Danube (8)
EREWordsworth's "___ With Cold Beads of Midnight Dew"
AIMINGATDrawing a bead on
CULTUREDPEARLBead in a necklace
DEWDROPBead of morning moisture
REAIMDraw a better bead on
DRIPWater bead
WATERDROPUmbrella bead
SIDEWALLTire portion between tread & bead
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