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Crossword Answers: Costar-of-Andy-Samberg-in-a-popular-
JUSTINTIMBERLAKECostar of Andy Samberg in a popular "Saturday Night Live" video
KALEVegetable in a popular diet
GOTOWords with "jail" in a popular board game
AULDWord in a popular New Year's tune
BABAR"Histoire de ___," first in a popular series of children's books
PINAWord in a popular tropical drink
BARTLETTSWord in a popular reference title
TINATony's bride, in a popular theater event
KWAIRiver in a popular movie
MILPrize in a popular game show, for short
OOPSInterjection in a popular Britney Spears song
SAWFirst in a popular horror movie franchise
CHATEngage in a popular cyber activity
ODIEDog in a popular syndicated strip
UNOSDeclarations in a popular Mattel card game
SIMSCharacters in a popular computer game
SIMCharacter in a popular computer game
DADThere's a "Rich" one and a "Poor" one in a popular investing series title
JOSH__ Barrett, brother of Andy in Home and Away (4)
NYPDEmployer of Andy Sipowicz (abbr.)
NICOOne of Andy Warhol's Superstars
AMOSPal of Andy
GOMERFriend of Andy and Barney
HITA popular success
DEADONRight switch behind what's a popular lifeless solution above? Exactly! (4,2)
IBIZABalearic island that's a popular Mediterranean holiday destination
MARONMarc who hosts a popular podcast
VINEStar might have a popular one
ELKMember of a popular fraternal organization (B.P.O.E.)
TORI"90210" costar of Shannen and Jennie
MARG"CSI" costar of Jorja
FARRAHFAWCETT"Charlie's Angels" costar of Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith
OPRAH"Charlotte's Web" costar of Cedric
DERN"Coming Home" costar of Voight
TERI"Desperate Housewives" costar of Felicity
ERIQ"ER" costar of Julianna and Noah
MACY"Fargo" costar of McDormand
THECREEPSkulking dance featured in a famous "SNL" video (with Andy Samberg and John Waters)
STARWARSReagan's space weapons strategic defence initiative named after a popular science fiction film (4,4)
SHADOWOFMORDORSubtitle of a popular 2014 action-adventure video game set in the Tolkien universe
PATAGONIATorres del Paine is a popular tourist destination in the Chilean part of this tableland region of so
ANDYSamberg of "SNL"
PINTSAndy Capp's pub orders
BRAVOAndy Cohen's channel
STPBrand promoted by Andy Granatelli
NORTHAndy ?, golfer who won the 1985 US Open Championship (5)
SHERIFF*Andy Griffith, e.g.
GAVINMichael"s real son, who tried to blackmail Andy Carver in Corrie (5,7)
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