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Crossword Answers: Costar-of-Andy-Samberg-in-a-popular-
JUSTINTIMBERLAKECostar of Andy Samberg in a popular "Saturday Night Live" video
PINAWord in a popular tropical drink
BARTLETTSWord in a popular reference title
KWAIRiver in a popular movie
CHATEngage in a popular cyber activity
ODIEDog in a popular syndicated strip
SIMSCharacters in a popular computer game
SIMCharacter in a popular computer game
GOTOWords with "jail" in a popular board game
AULDWord in a popular New Year's tune
BABAR"Histoire de ___," first in a popular series of children's books
TINATony's bride, in a popular theater event
DADThere's a "Rich" one and a "Poor" one in a popular investing series title
MILPrize in a popular game show, for short
OOPSInterjection in a popular Britney Spears song
SAWFirst in a popular horror movie franchise
UNOSDeclarations in a popular Mattel card game
AMOSPal of Andy
NICOOne of Andy Warhol's Superstars
GOMERFriend of Andy and Barney
ROSEA popular fragrant flower (4)
TRENDBe a popular Twitter topic
KENWhen repeated, a popular puzzle
LIFESAVEROne of a popular candy: 2 wds.
IDOLWinner of a popular TV talent show
MAENamed after a popular actress, a ... West was an inflatable lifejacket used in WWII
TABASCOTrademarked brand name of a popular hot pepper sauce
MOSELLELongest tributary of the Rhine River and the name of a popular white wine
BEARDEDAustralian reptile that's a popular pet in other continents, the ... dragon
DONNATerm used to describe a popular female opera singer, prima ...
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