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Crossword Answers: Costar-of-Andy-Samberg-in-a-popular-
JUSTINTIMBERLAKECostar of Andy Samberg in a popular "Saturday Night Live" video
SIMCharacter in a popular computer game
SIMSCharacters in a popular computer game
UNOSDeclarations in a popular Mattel card game
ODIEDog in a popular syndicated strip
GOMERFriend of Andy and Barney
AMOSPal of Andy
PEACE& 73 A popular wish
GRENACHEA popular red grape in the Languedoc-Roussillon region
CARBSBane of a popular diet
TORI"90210" costar of Shannen and Jennie
MARG"CSI" costar of Jorja
FARRAHFAWCETT"Charlie's Angels" costar of Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith
OPRAH"Charlotte's Web" costar of Cedric
DERN"Coming Home" costar of Voight
ANDYSamberg of "SNL"
ROONEY"60 Minutes" pundit Andy
RINSO"Amos 'n' Andy" sponsor
REG"Andy Capp" cartoonist Smythe
ALE"Andy Capp" quaff
ALES"Andy Capp" quaffs
DEREK"10" costar
COBB"12 Angry Men" costar
DANSON"3 Men and a Baby" costar
NOLTE"48 HRS." costar

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