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Crossword Answers: Costar-of-Andy-Samberg-in-a-popular-
JUSTINTIMBERLAKECostar of Andy Samberg in a popular "Saturday Night Live" video
JOSH__ Barrett, brother of Andy in Home and Away (4)
NYPDEmployer of Andy Sipowicz (abbr.)
NICOOne of Andy Warhol's Superstars
AMOSPal of Andy
GOMERFriend of Andy and Barney
TORI"90210" costar of Shannen and Jennie
MARG"CSI" costar of Jorja
FARRAHFAWCETT"Charlie's Angels" costar of Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith
OPRAH"Charlotte's Web" costar of Cedric
DERN"Coming Home" costar of Voight
TERI"Desperate Housewives" costar of Felicity
ERIQ"ER" costar of Julianna and Noah
MACY"Fargo" costar of McDormand
THECREEPSkulking dance featured in a famous "SNL" video (with Andy Samberg and John Waters)
SMYTHECreator of Andy Capp's a legend in one corner of England (6)
ANDYSamberg of "SNL"
FAGINDickens character portrayed as Andy Capp? (5)
HOLBEINAndy eschewed conflict, being mainly an artist (7)
VANDYKERachmaninov, Andy Kershaw maintains, was a great artist (7)
GAMESIn which, at the outset, gritty Andy Murray expects success (5)
ELDERFLOWERAndy rather than Grant providing ingredient for home-made wine? (11)
DYLANAndy Warhol finally managed to become a superstar (5)
MOOREOne of Costner's costars in "Mr. Brooks"
RAYLIOTTA"GoodFellas" star who costars on the History Channel miniseries "Texas Rising": 2 wds.
POSEYParker ___ (actress who costars in 42-Across)

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